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asian wedding hairstyle

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  • gc28262
    08-14 09:24 AM
    MurthyDotCom : AC21 Frequently Asked Questions (http://www.murthy.com/news/UDac21qa.html)
    AC21 Portablity - & Everything About it .. (http://ac21portability.com/)

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  • pappu
    07-28 11:43 AM
    Yes risks. There is a whole thread on this where I have written analysis of multiple filing.

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  • perm2gc
    11-13 09:37 AM
    hi guys,
    during stage 3, they require a birth certificate. what if I dont have a birth certificate? do they accept an affidavit from my parents with a domicile cerrtificate or not? i dont even have a school leaving certificate. please give me advices.
    Thank You
    Please Search the Forum.We have discussed your issue and was addressed..

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-07 08:10 AM
    http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_HrmmM9Zhq1c/S0TbeA5zj4I/AAAAAAAAAXI/4nwjIgLZQHk/s320/NILC_logo_subpage.gif (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_HrmmM9Zhq1c/S0TbeA5zj4I/AAAAAAAAAXI/4nwjIgLZQHk/s1600-h/NILC_logo_subpage.gif)

    I blogged about Affidavits of Support here (http://martinvisalaw.blogspot.com/2009/03/faqs-on-affidavit-of-support.html) last year, and that blog post has received far more comments so far than any other post. I cannot answer specific questions via the blog , so I hope that last year's FAQs are a help. I recently found another great FAQ publication here (http://www.nilc.org/ce/nilc/sponsoredimms&bens-na-2009-08.pdf), from the National Immigration Law Center (NILC). The NILC article links to other useful resources from the government and from NILC itself. I hope you find this as informative as I did.


    More... (http://martinvisalaw.blogspot.com/2010/01/more-on-affidavits-of-support.html)


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  • newtoh1
    05-03 05:51 AM
    No he doesn't have pending GC status.His wife is on 4th year of H1 and she already got EAD.But her priority date is not current (Sept 06)to add him to her GC status immediately.

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  • parthu_r
    01-13 04:58 PM
    I applied for EAD renewal to Nebraska center on Dec 12th.
    So far I didn't received the receipt and also my check didn't get cashed.
    Did anybody encounter similar situation. If so please let me know what you have done.



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  • krrishpatel
    07-31 04:11 AM

    Almost 22 week past, No response From Mumbai Consulate

    Interview Date - 13-Feb-2009
    Purpose - H1B Visa Stamping(VISA Approval in 2008 before had F1 Visa)

    Interview - VO Asked me few Questions and then asked me to show your company's Wages report and your consultacy and client where u worked agreement letter. I have given him both the docs. and Vo kept with him and gave me 221G Yellow letter which mentioned your docs. are in administrative processing and didn't mentioned any time frame.

    After my Employer and i frequently sent emails and faxes to mumbai consulate but no response yet.

    Anybody Knows what i have to do. Please advice me further .



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  • jotv
    11-19 08:52 PM
    hai ,

    i am going for the h1b visa stamping first time in chennai. i took the single dd with 4322 ( 4000 + 322 ) rupees . i took the appointment date also for interview .

    in the hdfc bank some other people also took the single dd with the same (4322 rupees ) amount.

    but some body told that we have to take supporate dds like 4000 and 322 rupees.
    what about my situation now? if i took wrong how come hdfc people will give single dd for me and others .

    i am really mad. please appriciate your help. i am waiting for your valuable suggestion. please anybody who knows help me.


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  • silverandre
    03-17 11:07 PM
    Hello! I went to US to work in a summer/work travel experience under a J1 VISA.

    My VISA expired on APR/01/2007 , but I sent a letter to USCIS asking to change my VISA status to B1/B2. The letter just arrived at the USCIS Office on APR/02/2007. I kept working until JUN/15.

    In JUN/20/2007 I left US back to my home country and later accessing the USCIS site I figured out that my request was processed and denied.

    Now I'm graduated in Business and was hired to work in a big company in NYC, they are requesting me to get another J1 VISA (this time J1 Trainee for a 1,5 year).

    I would like to know if this kind of situation generates a BAN, or if I will have any kind of trouble in the interview in the US Embassy.

    Thank you so much!

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  • sanjay02
    08-08 12:44 AM
    Since ur I-485 is approved which means you will get Green card in abt week to 10 days they have denied EAD. So there is nothing to be concerned.


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  • uma001
    06-28 07:21 AM

    Please delete this thread

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  • dpp
    10-25 07:28 PM
    Hope this bill helps us !!!:confused:


    It has more harm than good. H1B fees increased too much. I hope they will remove this H1B part from the final bill. Anyway Bush is ready to veto this bill for sure.


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  • goel_ar
    03-23 03:36 PM
    Good news. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) recently issued guidance on the new H-1B amendment that limits Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) recipients� ability to hire H-1B workers. The USCIS confirmed that the new H-1B amendment does not apply to H-1B extensions for current employees with the same employer.

    "EAWA does not apply to H-1B petitions seeking to change the status of a
    beneficiary already working for the employer in another work-authorized
    category. It also does not apply to H-1B petitions seeking an extension
    of stay for a current employee with the same employer."

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  • Vibes30
    06-12 08:56 AM
    .........This is not a warez board.......

    .........Do not ask for or request software of any kind that may be construed as pirating.......

    .........You have been warned.........

    .........It is only a matter of time before upuat8 is all over this post........

    .........Thank you for your immediate attention.......


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  • kernel_flash
    01-21 05:50 AM
    I bet I didn't want to miss this one !
    Thanks Kirupa.

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  • whitecollarslave
    02-10 11:49 PM
    2 - You can work for multiple employers using EAD. Typically EAD will not have any restrictions other than how long it is valid for.


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  • wrldnw4me
    01-27 01:15 PM
    count me in

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  • engineer
    03-20 09:11 PM

    Can one apply for Admission in US University while one is on Visit Visa in USA ?

    If yes, will he/ she get I-120 while staying in US ? or one has to leave USA to get I-120, apply for f1 visa and then come on that visa ?

    I will appreciate your answers.


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  • ramus
    08-02 12:01 PM
    Please update your profile and let IV know if you plan to join DC rally..



    I got an LUD on my I140 on 07/28/07. There is no message change though. This I-140 was approved way back in Aug 2006. I have filed my I-485 etc on June 1st 07, and its in process. Does anyone know what doesn this LUD mean.


    01-14 11:13 PM
    got 5 of my friends also voted. this is good one..thankx

    04-14 11:09 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    My wife is trying to process visitor Visa for her parents and she has a problem with her mothers name in the Passport as it reads just the short name instead of her Full name.

    I'm wondering if the Affidavit would be sufficient while going for Visa or would this still be a problem?

    If affidavit is sufficient, can someone please kindly share the sample affidavit if you have one?

    Appreciate your immediate response...!


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