Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • rjgleason
    July 1st, 2004, 06:30 AM
    Welcome to Dphoto...........Yor shot is stunning, so lets see more of your work!

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  • augustus
    09-12 03:28 PM
    MSNBC had a news piece on surprise illegal immigrants and looks like they are from India. I was surprised at a shocking 125,000 people have over stayed their visas and have become Illegal. I was worried if such news articles will reflect on our integrity and our image as knowledge workers.

    Just a thought....


  • arnab221
    12-20 07:56 PM
    With full due respect to the extremely hard IIT JEE and the brilliance of the students that make it to the IIT , the reason that only 3500 make it from over 150,000 is because of India's staggering population and staggering student numbers . The US has less than a third of US's population and hence Harvard accepts 10% . It is simple math.

    I feel that just because a person could not crack a question in IIT JEE and gets rejected makes him any less smarter than the ones who make it given the small number of seats that used to be sometime back .

    It is good that ye government has now opened a lot more IIT's and IIM's so that more people can get the privilege of going into these elite institutionalism , the ones who missed the Institution because they could not crack one question in the JEE .

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  • slinkyart
    11-18 10:45 AM
    It actually reminds me of those socks that they make that are all different colors that have the little spot for your toes!


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  • nixstor
    06-29 11:05 PM
    Fresh off the death of S 1639, No one on the Hill wants to talk about immigration related bills

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  • shvinod
    05-25 04:04 PM
    I had applied AP for my daughter (10 years old). I have read that the Biometrics are required only for 14 years and older. In her case she got I797 with an appointment in late June for Finger Printing (obliviously we had tickets to goto India before that date :-) . What can be done to pre pone the appointment and get the AP at the earliest.


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  • Dhundhun
    06-13 04:18 PM
    I'm a July 2007 filer going to file for my EAD for the first time. Since I'm currently on H1B, how should I answer this question

    I'm applying for:
    a) Permission to accept employment
    b) Replacement
    c) Renewal of my permission to accept employment

    I think I need to go with option "c" since moving from H1B to EAD would qualify for a "c" response

    Please advise.....


    The option "a" will be used, for "c" you need previous EAD. Refer to, which addresses several issues.

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  • saimrathi
    07-03 02:39 PM
    Just read that if you have sent one check for 1-140 & 485 then the whole package will be returned and you would have to refile your I140. If you have sent separate checks then they will just return the I485 part of your package.

    Source: Either Fragromen or Murthy. Check their websites.

    Sent in two checks.


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  • jest_1
    03-07 08:29 AM
    Iam in a similar situation as Ihitha. Iam planning to go to Chennai in June for stamping. Which answer do you think would be a convincing one for that question asked by the VO ?

    Also after changing from L1 to H1, i had my H1 transferred between 3 companies (i changed jobs within a span of 1 month), and the current employer iam working for, iam working for about 1 year and 3 months. When i go for stamping, would they be asking for paystubs from those two companies, or does it matter only with the latest company iam working for ?
    It wouldd be great if someone can help me with some suggestions.

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  • raysaikat
    04-08 12:39 AM

    I am in the US now. Can I change to F1 visa in August and get the new F1 stamping or the approved transfer as you said, when I visit my home country later some ?

    thanks again.

    My understanding is that F1 visa status is maintained by I-20 and corresponding I-94 (which would usually say D/S and therefore would be valid as long as your I-20 and student-in-good-standing status are valid), for which you need to go outside US and reenter.


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  • Prashanthi
    08-13 12:47 PM

    My 4 years and 2 months on H1B will finish in this November and we are in the process of applying for an extension. I have my 140 approved and waiting for my priority date to become current.

    Can I apply for 3 years extension based on my 140 approval? or do I have to apply for 2 yrs extension to finish my 6 yrs first and then eligible to apply for 3 more years (if my priority date is still not current by then?). My HR is under the second impression (2 yrs and then 3 yrs).

    Also, please can you specify the USCIS rule under which it is applicable?


    You can apply directly for a 3 year extension based on your I-140 approval.

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  • martinvisalaw
    08-03 05:11 PM
    which visa can someone apply for it s/he intends to work as a caterer?is the J-1 visa applicable for this? if yes what r the eligibility requirements for this visa?

    It is unlikely that this would qualify for J-1 status, unless the caterer was coming here as a trainee of some sort. J-1 is for exchange visitors.

    All J-1 visitors must have a �program sponsor.� There are �umbrella sponsor� organizations, e.g. the American Council on International Personnel (American Council on International Personnel ( and the Association for International Practical Training (Welcome to ( You could contact them for specific information.


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  • fromnaija
    11-09 10:07 PM
    I have 2 H1B Transfer questions for clarification.
    1. Can H1B Transfer be filed when H1B Extension is pending with the current employer?

    Yes, a transfer could be filed while an extension is pending. This is the so-called anchor transfer. However, the transfer would be denied if the extension petition is withdrawn before the transfer is approved.

    2. Do i need to have copy of I-140 approval notice for H1B Tranfer? The current employer does not share this document.

    The 140 approval notice is not required unless this is a post six year transfer/extension.

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  • ilikekilo
    07-19 05:49 PM
    i cant speak for IV Core but ithink there is only so much IV can fight I believe its a no....i can be wrong...however good luck my freind


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  • rockstart
    08-11 09:10 PM
    You are not mandated to report on AC21 (job change) so my advice is not to report it till USCIS ask's you.

    For address change. Yes you need to report that. But if you can retain your current address for just this one month and perhaps commute (fly) to your new job you can take a chance. Just my advice

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  • memyselfandus
    04-21 09:09 PM
    Was it paper based filing?


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  • anandrajesh
    09-26 07:15 PM
    I am in the same situation.........

    Same here...

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  • honge_kamyaab
    08-01 09:02 AM
    How long on average does it take to get labor approval into my lawyers' hands from BEC once it is approved (certified status shown on the BEC website).

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  • hnordberg
    May 5th, 2005, 10:56 PM
    Looks like a mother with her head bent down to be close to her child.

    Technically good, too. :)

    05-30 07:41 AM

    01-28 01:57 PM
    Lakshmi, Thank you for providing the link.

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