Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • wandmaker
    11-19 12:19 AM
    You can use "nunc-pro-tunc" to get H4 extension. There has been lot of information and discussion at http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=15408

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  • vss
    11-13 03:03 PM
    I have a question regarding the H1 / H4 status of my spouse.

    My spouse entered US in 2006 on H4 visa (valid till 2008 ). In 2007 she applied for H1B and the I 797 start date is October 2007. She did not apply for any status adjustment (from H4 to H1). She did apply for SSN using the EAD and presently not working.

    I just wanted to know, what is her visa status now. Is it H4 or H1?


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  • mrsr
    06-19 08:42 PM
    because the G325A form is normally in four colour ( 1st white , then green , follwed by pink and blue )

    This is not necessary. Curious what gave you this impression?

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-18 11:10 AM
    Well I stand corrected. Last night I reported that Rima Fakih was born in the US to immigrant parents. That's what the one biography I could find that listed her birth place actually said. But a day is a long time in the news cycle and we know a lot more about America's newest sweetheart. She was, in fact, born in Lebanon and immigrated as a child. The charming Rima is a graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn and is hoping to attend law school when her reign is over. Perhaps a career as an immigration lawyer?

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/05/immigrant-of-the-day-rima-fakih-miss-usa.html)


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  • Lisa011
    11-01 10:26 AM
    I came to the U.S when i was 12 from germany on a vwp and have stayed here ever since i'm 21 years old now married to a U.S citizen, I have all the papers filled out ready to send to the USCIS for AOS thru marriage to a us citizen but our attorney has warned us that there has been recent denials in these types of cases Im very terrified and clueless i dont know if i should proceed and go for it or just wait and see if anything changes.
    Please let me know if you or someone you know has gone thru this.
    I live in Chicago.

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  • sachin_216
    11-02 09:57 AM
    Check this site...

    How to record departure from the United States after the fact (http://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/752/kw/I%20forgot%20to%20turn%20in%20my%20I-94)


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  • ramya
    09-20 05:03 PM

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  • andy garcia
    03-23 08:01 AM

    If he wants to be a Republican candidate, he has to have his name removed from the Bill otherwise forget about it.


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  • salvador marley
    05-01 09:10 PM
    niceness :)

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  • Krilnon
    03-09 02:57 PM


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  • f1vlad
    10-29 12:36 PM
    Nashua,NH here.

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  • jerez_z
    11-03 11:43 AM
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  • digital2k
    07-15 06:57 PM
    The Employment based green card system is completely broken.

    Everyone knows that and should make more noise than you think can :

    Don't stop until you are heard

    Pick up phone

    Write Letters

    Act Now

    Its high time ... now is the only time ...

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  • glus
    01-02 12:17 PM
    My attorney said she could get us to talk on one of the AILA meetings as she knows the AILA president very well. This could be awesome!! Let me know. I am from NY close to the City. She also asked if she could add link to immigrationvoice.org to her website.


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  • sampath
    04-13 09:34 AM

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  • snathan
    05-14 06:48 PM

    Nice one.


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  • gc_kaavaali
    09-20 03:19 PM
    It should be okay. I sent to my attorney as well as my HR. I do not see any issues as long as it is just GC copy.

    My attorney asked me to send a copy of my GC to make sure the info is correctly printed. Is it ok send it to them?

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  • ruchigup
    08-21 02:28 PM
    I made address changes to pending EAD renewal and I-485 yesterday in the afternoon for myself and spouse. Same day later in the evening I got email saying CPO for EAD renewal. This is a story of 8/20/2008.

    I tried called 800 number and was told that they can't verify that address was successfully changed on the application.THey don't have access to personal information. They are asking me to take Inforpass to verify the address.

    There is no LUD on either I-485 or EAD renewal after address change. Is LUD an indication that address change has been done? There are no infopass available for 2 months ( I will keep checking if somebody cancels )

    Does anybody has any pointer as to how I can verify address change without infopass


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  • rkat
    09-12 09:32 PM
    USA hamaaraa..!! RALLYING FOR THE RALLY...!!

    C'mon everybody..!!! SEPT. 18th. 2007...Our kids will read about it in thier history books..!!
    Chapt.# 1 - thousands of highly skilled immigrants marched down the streets of Washington DC to request the government to help out with their PERMANENT RESIDENCY APPLICATIONS..!! The greatest country in the world did not let them down.!! The government APPROVED..!!!:) ]


    07-10 02:45 PM
    Do not do this - please stop playing around with USCIS rules. There are sometimes unfortunate circumstances where folks lose status (e.g., OPT -> H1b) or are kept in dark about their H1B status by employers but for folks who break the law in a way that you are suggesting, I believe they should be punished.

    09-21 11:39 PM
    How do we identify EB3 or EB2 category in approved I-140 ?

    In Section , it was written as "Sec. 203 (b) (3) (A) (i) or (ii) ".

    Not able to figure it out.


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