Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • nmedhora
    04-10 12:48 PM
    I left the U.S on October 30 2009. My L.C. [Perm] had been filed on July 30 2009 and was recently approved.
    My 6 year H1B expired on Feb 2 2010, with approximately 160 days available for recapture.
    My company needs me to return to the US urgently and is wanting me to apply for a Business Visa.
    Subsequently when I am in the U.S, they intend to file for I140 and then 7th year H1B extension plus recapture
    time based on pending I140
    Is this feasible? -- What impact would it have on my green card application process?

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  • JunRN
    09-02 09:49 PM
    If you're already eligible to use AC21, then I see no problem working as consultant as long as it is of the same job category as your LC. ATP and location does not matter anymore.

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  • lascha
    04-19 06:11 PM
    I am in a similar position and also have my green card in process. havent yet given my step 3...dont know what to do?

    I am hoping I can cancel my green card appli and start my resi on j1 visa

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  • waiting_4_gc
    01-19 01:07 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    I got my EAD in 2007 and have been working for the sponsoring employer till now (Of course on EAD). Now I found a new opportunity w/ an excellent pay.

    My designation and responsibilities at new employer are pretty much same as the current one but I see the difference in the salary --It is two times(2X) the current salary.

    Is it OK if I accept this position with double salary?

    Thanks for your time.


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  • Johnwalton
    05-15 12:04 PM
    Silverlight is the latest version of software.there are facing me some problem to use this like that,Seems like xml is not feeding in. Any pointers or suggested resources would be much helpful.

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  • wandmaker
    01-02 02:38 PM
    My AP approvals are lost in mail, my employer mailed them in ordinary mail during holiday season (12/11/07). What can I do next? Go thru attorney for duplicates? Please advice.

    USCIS will not issue duplicates for AP, you will have to re-apply with a fee.


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  • vdlrao
    02-24 05:05 PM

    Theres given all list of the companies who got approved H1B in 2008. Please find yours.


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  • pd052009
    03-24 11:45 AM
    Countdown: 38 More days to go (Incl. today)
    Required Yes Votes : 5000

    Read from the below link for more details
    http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/2243885-post2.html (Support Thread for "I485 filing w/o Curr. PD" initiative)


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  • jasmin45
    07-31 07:32 PM
    Please update your information at http://www..com
    This will help you and all.
    Please run a search before creating new threads. There are several threads with link and most of the guys out here has already a record in there.
    I would suggest to contact admin to close this thread.

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  • sohilbt
    08-06 08:25 AM
    I am using Elizabeth Goss from TOCCI, GOSS & LEE, PC (http://www.lawtgl.com). She is wonderful.


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  • gps001
    07-28 01:53 PM
    Right now NSC shows that the processing dates are "August 10, 2007". What does this mean? Does it mean that

    a)All apps with notice dates before Aug 10, 2007 are processed?
    b)All apps with receipt dates before Aug 10, 2007 are processed?
    c)All apps with notice dates after Aug 10, 2007 are being processed?
    d)All apps with receipt dates after Aug 10, 2007 are being processed?

    My 485 application has a receipt date of July 19, 2007 and notice date of Sept 18, 2007. Any insight into the dates???


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  • Macaca
    06-19 07:30 AM
    House Delays Thorny Energy Issues (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB118221331128639861-search.html?KEYWORDS=immigration&COLLECTION=wsjie/6month) By John J. Fialka, The Wall Street Journal, 19 June 2007

    WASHINGTON -- Facing a tight deadline imposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leaders of the Energy and Commerce Committee postponed until the fall House debates on several controversial energy issues, including tougher standards for automobile fuel efficiency.

    It wasn't immediately clear what impact the House move toward a simplified, less-controversial energy measure will have on the Senate version of the bill. The Senate is scheduled to debate auto-efficiency standards and a mandate for coal-based liquid fuels on the floor this week.

    Rep. John D. Dingell (D., Mich.), chairman of the House committee, and Rick Boucher (D., Va.) chairman of the subcommittee that is preparing its energy legislation, jointly announced they will focus on less-divisive issues, including energy-efficiency standards for appliances, improvements to the nation's electricity grid and incentives for use of wind power.

    "This procedure . . . was discussed with the speaker, and she understands the rationale for proceeding this way," the two Democrat leaders said, "so we can rapidly work on a bipartisan bill that can be signed into law."

    The turnaround by Rep. Dingell, who has defended Detroit automakers against fuel-saving standards for years, comes as automakers have launched a nationwide lobbying campaign to water down proposed tougher auto-efficiency standards. Rep. Dingell promised to return to the issue in the fall, when the committee is also planning legislation that would regulate carbon dioxide and other emissions that scientists say are accelerating global warming.

    While the Senate appears to be pressing ahead, it could face filibuster threats on the auto-efficiency standards and several other items, requiring 60 votes to overcome, a margin that may not be attainable. "One of the questions being discussed is which body goes first with some of these things," a House aide said.

    "We have decided to proceed with provisions that represent consensus," Messrs. Dingell and Boucher wrote. The energy subcommittee is scheduled to assemble its new version of the energy bill this week, and the House could debate the completed bill after the July 4 recess. Earlier, Speaker Pelosi (D., Calif.) had asked for an "Energy Independence" bill by July 4.

    The House committee also deferred discussion of a low-carbon-fuel standard, similar to California's, which would mandate increasing use of ethanol and other fuels that result in lower CO2 emissions. Another postponed issue is a change in federal law that would block California from establishing its own CO2 emissions standards for vehicles.

    The two committee leaders said they were postponing debate because the issues "are complex and difficult."

    Democrats are deeply split, with representatives from auto-producing states fighting tougher emissions standards, and the California delegation and liberal factions pushing for them. Coal-state Democrats and environmentally inclined Democrats are on opposite sides over coal-to-liquid fuels, which would emphasize diesel and jet fuels made from coal, a fuel the U.S. has in abundance.


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  • ck_b2001
    06-08 10:11 AM
    I would appreciate some feedback on following situation;

    1) My wife is on H4/EAD. She is beneficiary of my AOS application. She holds Master's Degree from US. What is the best option for her to work on?

    2) She was on H1B from Oct 2001 to Mar 2003. She COS to H4 after her job terminated with-in weeks. Since then she's been in US (on H4) and never been out for more than couple of months. Can she apply for H1B and not limited to H1B quota and wait till Oct?

    3) Would changing to H1B abondon her AOS?

    4) Can she work on EAD now and switch to H1B around Oct time if she has to apply for fresh H1B for next yr quota.

    4) If she can get H1B, can she still use AP for travel?

    6) If i loose job or my 485 is denied, isn't it better she has H1B so i can get on H4 or on her GC application.


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-27 03:40 PM
    The analysis of census data from both the U.S. and Mexican governments, being released Wednesday by the Pew Hispanic Center, highlights the impact of the economic downturn on Mexican immigrants, many of whom enter the United States illegally. The study found that immigrants arriving from Mexico fell by 249,000 from March 2008 to March 2009, down nearly 60 percent from the previous year. As a result, the annual inflow of immigrants is now 175,000, having steadily decreased from a peak of 653,000 in 2005, before the bursting of the housing bubble dried up construction and other low-wage jobs.

    The total population of Mexican-born immigrants in the U.S. also edged lower in the past year, from 11.6 million to 11.5 million, according to the study by Pew, an independent research group. Up to 85 percent of immigrants are believed to be in the country illegally.

    More... (http://www.visalawyerblog.com/2009/07/mexican_immigrants_drops_to_de.html)


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  • loudobbs
    10-17 04:05 PM
    From immigration law website

    10/17/2007: Total of 60,000+ EB-485 Applications Adjudicated During July-August-September by NSC and TSC

    * AILA has reported that during the period of July, August, and September 2007, Nebraska Service Center and Texas Service Center adjudicated 60,000 plus EB-485 applications. Since EB visa number was unavailable for the entire EB cases in August, presumedly a substantial portion of these cases could include those cases for which the EB visa numbers were pull out before July 2, 2007 in June and adjudicated throughout the period as reported by some I-485 applicants who reported that their I-485 applications were approved when the visa number was unavailable. Interesting.

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  • Mottolines
    03-25 01:36 PM
    Mottolines Worldwide - Airport Car Services



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  • SlowRoasted
    05-22 10:22 PM
    nice job, i like it.

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  • radhak
    04-26 04:18 PM
    You can check case processing times here..

    Welcome to the iCERT Portal (http://icert.doleta.gov/)

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  • alibashas
    02-07 01:31 AM
    Dear Adviser,
    I am end of my 6th year of H1B and my current employer filed H1B extension using my approved I-140 (and I don't have EAD). However my employer took the advantage of my immigration status and reduced my salary drastically . I am planning to change my employer after I receive my H1B extension. Now I have following questions
    1. If I accept new job with other employer and transfer my H1B to new employer, by what time (months, years..) my new employer has to file PERM to continue my GC process?
    2. What if my current employer cancels my I-140 when I moved to new employer? Still can I use that I-140 to port my priority date to new employer?
    I can plan my future employment based on your response. Thanks for your time.

    10-13 02:04 PM
    Yes, even primary applicant can work on EAD & 1099. But in case RFE is issued for EVL the primary applicant should have permanent full time position.

    I've worked on EAD & 1099 during job switch phase.

    Blog Feeds
    04-26 11:30 AM
    Tough talk from the Senate Majority Leader. Some, including my good friend Tamar Jacoby, think this is a really bad idea. I'm not so sure. I think fear of losing the Hispanic vote for a generation or more and the sudden urgency of the situation created by the Arizona fiasco could make responsible Republicans at least seek to block a filibuster and allow for a majority vote (as seems likely with financial regulatory reform). But Tamar is right that we'll get a better bill if pro-business Republicans play a role since some of the overreaching protectionist efforts of the unions...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/04/reid-to-graham-you-have-three-weeks-to-deliver-republicans-or-were-doing-it-ourselves.html)

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