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    07-17 01:50 PM
    Lawful permanent residents (LPR) of the United States (green card holders) need to keep their trips abroad to a relatively short period of time. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) could determine that an LPR has abandoned their residence if the LPR’s intent was not to return to the U.S. within a relatively short period of time.

    Factors DHS could consider in evaluating the LPR’s intent include:

    Whether the trip abroad is lengthy or for a short period of time;
    LPR’s family ties in the U.S.;
    property holding in the U.S.;
    business affiliations within the U.S.;
    LPR’s family, property, and business ties in the foreign country.

    Please call Kraft & Associates at (214)999-9999 if you have any questions regarding abandonment of residency.

    More... (http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Immigration-law-answers-blog/~3/xJ-PtkttCTU/)

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    04-26 11:30 AM
    Tough talk from the Senate Majority Leader. Some, including my good friend Tamar Jacoby, think this is a really bad idea. I'm not so sure. I think fear of losing the Hispanic vote for a generation or more and the sudden urgency of the situation created by the Arizona fiasco could make responsible Republicans at least seek to block a filibuster and allow for a majority vote (as seems likely with financial regulatory reform). But Tamar is right that we'll get a better bill if pro-business Republicans play a role since some of the overreaching protectionist efforts of the unions...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/04/reid-to-graham-you-have-three-weeks-to-deliver-republicans-or-were-doing-it-ourselves.html)

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  • diablo
    05-13 10:07 AM
    my question exactly!

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  • GSingh
    10-13 07:27 AM
    Hello folks,
    I am on H1 B visa. I want to change my last name. If any H1 B visa holder has changed his/her name in US, please let me know the procedure and probelms encountered during the process.

    My second question is - I have valid H1B visa stamp on my passport, If I change my name, do I have to go out of the country to get my visa stamp again ?


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  • sxk
    04-19 04:08 PM
    I have EAD, AP and H-1B. I don't have H-1b stamped on my passport. I would like to travel on AP.
    According to my lawyer;
    "For every paper (AP) you have, you can make one trip with it. So if you have 3 original papers, you make 3 trips in and out of the country."

    Is this true? My friends who traveled outside the country were told at the port of entry that AP can be used for multiple entry and the above does not hold true.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance

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  • Macaca
    12-11 08:23 PM
    Bush Adviser Is Seen as Force in Spending Impasse (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/11/washington/11gillespie.html?_r=1&oref=slogin) By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG | NY Times, Dec 11, 2007

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 10 � Ed Gillespie made a name for himself in 1994 as a sharp-tongued pitchman for the Contract With America, the conservative Republican manifesto that catapulted his boss, Dick Armey, to power. But when Republicans shut down the government in a spending clash with President Bill Clinton, Mr. Gillespie warned it was the wrong battle to pick.

    �He understands the limits of what you can expect people to buy,� Mr. Armey explained.

    Now, after a stint as Republican National Committee chairman and a lobbying career that made him a multimillionaire, Mr. Gillespie is back in government as a street fighter and salesman for conservative ideas and the politician behind them � in this case, President Bush. Once again, he is in the thick of a budget fight between the White House and Congress.

    But this time, he is driving the confrontation.

    As the clock ticks toward a Congressional recess, with Democrats struggling to wrap 11 major spending bills into one and Mr. Bush threatening to veto the huge package, Republicans see the hand of Mr. Gillespie at work. As counselor to the president, a job he took in July, Mr. Gillespie is trying to write a new narrative for Mr. Bush, one that casts him in the role of fiscal conservative, sharpening the contrast between him and Democrats while repairing his tattered image with the Republican base.

    On Mr. Gillespie�s watch, the president�s speeches have grown shorter, his language punchier. When Mr. Bush threatens to veto a �three-bill pileup� or likens Congress to �a teenager with a new credit card,� Gillespie-watchers all over Washington say they can hear the new counselor�s voice.

    �Ed believes that one of the reasons the Republicans lost is because we had lost our way on spending,� said Pete Wehner, a former policy analyst for Mr. Bush who left the White House this spring. �He worked for Dick Armey; I think he�s a small government conservative, and I think he believes Democrats and their spending habits are a target-rich environment.�

    And Democrats have provided targets, by waiting until two months into the new fiscal year to finish their appropriations work. Mr. Bush has already vetoed Democratic measures on children�s health and Iraq war spending, and a water resources bill � all the while complaining lawmakers are wasting taxpayers� money, and scolding them like errant schoolchildren who forgot to turn in their homework.

    �Listening to this, it has Ed Gillespie�s fingerprints on it,� said John Feehery, a Republican strategist. �It�s shaping the message to pick the right fights � with a smile.�

    After two decades in Washington building up contacts on both sides of the aisle, Mr. Gillespie knows well the importance of the smile.

    He also knows when he has to take the high road, and when he does not. In 2004, as party chairman, Mr. Gillespie was nicknamed Mr. Bush�s �pit bull� for his relentless attacks on Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts.

    Mr. Gillespie rarely gives on-the-record interviews � he declined to talk for this article � and he is almost never seen on television. And careful listeners to Mr. Bush will note that the president paints �Congress,� and not �Democrats� as the villain � another Gillespie hallmark.

    �He�s a smart, shrewd operator,� said Representative Rahm Emanuel, the chairman of the House Democratic caucus, who was a senior adviser to Mr. Clinton during the 1995 budget fight. But while Mr. Emanuel said he has �nothing but respect for Ed,� he argued that, after seven years of runaway Republican spending, even a master strategist like Mr. Gillespie will have trouble remaking Mr. Bush�s image.

    �He�s $4 trillion too late,� Mr. Emanuel said.

    At 46, Mr. Gillespie is part of a core of newcomers who are seeing Mr. Bush through the end of his presidency as his Texas inner circle breaks up. Unlike his predecessor, Dan Bartlett, who spent his entire adult life working for Mr. Bush, Mr. Gillespie not a presidential intimate, but neither is he a stranger.

    In 2000, he was a member of the Gang of Six, a group of strategists for the Bush-Cheney campaign. That same year, he joined with Jack Quinn, a former White House counsel to Mr. Clinton, to found Quinn Gillespie & Associates, his lobbying firm. He earned a reported $4.75 million when he sold his share of the firm to join the White House, but he could easily pass through Washington�s revolving door yet again, earning even more after Mr. Bush leaves office.

    Mr. Gillespie�s critics say he traded on his contacts to get rich. �He�s so entwined with the Bush money machine,� said Joan Claybrook, president of Public Citizen, a watchdog group.

    But his admirers say he has not forgotten his roots. His father, an Irish immigrant, ran a mom-and-pop grocery store and later a bar in their hometown, Browns Mills, N.J. Mr. Gillespie spent his college years serving drinks and sweeping floors � experiences that, friends say, shape his work in the White House.

    Mr. Gillespie has been deeply involved in Mr. Bush�s so-called �kitchen table agenda,� of issues like consumer safety and rising mortgage rates.

    �Ed�s got a pulse on what average Americans think about,� said David Hobbs, a Republican lobbyist and a Gillespie friend.

    The week before Mr. Gillespie officially took over as counselor, Mr. Bush�s immigration bill collapsed on Capitol Hill � and with it, any real hope of bipartisan cooperation. One senior White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Mr. Gillespie wasted little time.

    �It went down in defeat, and he was moving on to the next thing,� this official said. �The next thing was Iraq and the budget.�

    On Iraq, Mr. Gillespie took advantage of the Congressional recess in August to schedule a series of presidential speeches. At the time, Republicans like Senators Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico and Richard G. Lugar of Indiana were expressing deep misgivings about the war, so much so that even some White House officials thought they would lose Republican support in September. But in the end, Republicans stuck with Mr. Bush.

    On the budget, Mr. Gillespie looked back to the Republican defeat of 1995. �We saw how Clinton did it, using the power of the presidency,�� Mr. Hobbs said.

    Mr. Armey said Mr. Gillespie had argued that his party would lose because the public believed Republicans were antigovernment, �so therefore it is credible to argue Republicans shut government down.�

    He said Mr. Gillespie�s strategy was to �understand the public�s already conceived disposition,� and create a story line around it.

    That strategy was on full display in the Rose Garden last week, as Mr. Bush tapped into another preconceived notion, that lawmakers are lazy. The president opened his remarks by tweaking Democrats on the 30-second pro forma sessions they held to prevent him from making recess appointments over the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

    �If 30 seconds is a full day,� Mr. Bush said, �no wonder Congress has got a lot of work to do.�

    It was positively Gillespie-esque.


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  • cooldudesfo
    12-22 12:18 AM

    Need quick suggestion:

    Company A filed for GC. Labor and I-140 was approved. I-485 was filed during July 2007.

    I changed employer in June 2009; replied to RFE and filed AC21 in July 2009.

    I came to know that my GC sponsring company is going to close the company soon. My current immigration attorney is suggesting that if that happens; and if INS came to know that GC sponsring company is closing down, they will revoke my I-140.

    Is it true? I thought after AC21 is invoked; whatever happens to GC sponsring company, it will not impact my GC application in any way.

    Please advice.


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  • GCBy3000
    06-15 10:51 AM
    What is the new fee structure from Aug.

    Is there any use in waiting till next bulletin?

    If it is still current, then is it advisable to file in Aug since we save on subsequent year fees?


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  • chanduv23
    04-28 12:01 PM
    10 year visitor visa. They visited few years back. They want to visit again this year. Do I need to send any documents? (letter to IO or affidavit of support or anything?)

    any help is appreciated....

    Yes, send a letter to President Obama so that he invite your family to the white house for dinner :) :)

    U must be fine, but you may just want to give a letter to them staating your current address and contact information, in case they need to fill out thei 94 forms and need accurate info. Its your choice :)

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  • vkmurthy260
    11-23 04:42 PM

    I filed my 485 on july 2007 , i am planning to relocate to india for a couple of months , is there anyway i can keep my 485 alive




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    08-03 12:50 PM
    Harsh words from the senior columnist for Time Magazine:Lou Dobbs continues to make a fool of himself, of CNN and of Time Warner, which owns this blog and pays my salary. When Jim DeMint, the oh-so-conservative Senator from South Carolina, says that the Obama birth certificate isn't an issue, and when electronic copies of the birth certificate have been produced--and certified--by the state of Hawaii, one wonders why Dobbs keeps flogging this...and why CNN allows him to do it. Certainly, Dobbs has a right to say what he likes. Plenty of nutballs go on television--as guests--and say all sorts of...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/08/joe-klein-dobbs-a-public-embarrassment.html)

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  • Freind47
    08-14 04:54 PM
    On I140 form, notice type has information about INS section.
    The INS section explain that your GC is under EB2 category or EB3 category.

    INS section details

    INA Section 203(b) (2) is EB-2
    INA Section 203(b) (3) is EB-3

    Hope this will help some of us.:D


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  • Edison99
    01-18 09:21 AM
    Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best...

    There are some positive signs over the last few days but I'm not sure I'd be as optimistic as Stewart Lawrence, but he's made some interesting observations.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2011/01/gop-moving-back-to-center-on-immigration.html)

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  • ngopikrishnan
    03-12 08:34 PM
    Any input / help on this topic will be much appreciated.


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  • immmj
    01-08 02:32 AM
    H1 (140 approved;485 pending +180 days) got laid off; For H4 (not added into green card application yet), any practical suggestion so that H4 can stay in US.

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  • kirupa
    11-02 09:41 PM
    Thanks - added :)


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  • reachinus
    10-01 07:35 AM
    I am not sure if its a new rule to get an NOC from the husband, but as far as i know NOC is required only for Govt Employees. Make sure you really need one for getting a passport for an individual. If your wife is a Govt Employee then she may need one from the Govt/Office where she works.

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  • singhv_1980
    11-18 01:54 PM
    We have applied for the COS (H4 to F1) at California Service Center.

    If you have been in the same boat or know someone who was, please share your information here. Trying to see the approval time trends..

    Application date: October 1st
    Notice date:October 3rd
    Approval date: Still Waiting

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  • martinvisalaw
    04-09 02:17 PM
    You can apply again if you have a new employer, or even if the same employer will reapply. However, if you were denied for a reason that is still a problem, such as not having the required degree or experience equivalent, there is no point in reapplying. Good luck.

    11-09 09:25 PM

    I filed my GC on EB2 and current status is :

    I140 approved on Sep 2008
    I 485 in process - submitted RFE on Sep 10th

    Right now i m on H1B. I recently got married and my husband is on H1B he didnt start his GC process yet. At this stage can i add him on my green card. If so pls explain me the process ...

    tnx in advance ...

    10-27 01:29 PM
    Can you AC21 portability be used for more than one employer?

    What if some one decides to stop working and go back to school?

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