Friday, July 1, 2011

Desktop Wallpaper City Night

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  • rajeshalex
    07-31 08:06 PM
    can someone experienced pls respond.

    thank u:)

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  • gc_maine2
    07-12 09:50 AM
    I don't think you can delete just close it.. so that no one will post it again in this thread., you can see the close button if you are the owner of this thread.

    How to delete the thread??

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  • alex99
    10-31 04:38 PM

    USCIS is scheduled to publish a revised regulation tomorrow removing the 485 Original Receipt Notice requirement for the H and L nonimmigrants traveling and returning to the U.S. pending the 485 proceedings

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  • Kowsik9002
    04-18 03:56 PM
    With EAD, or AP for travel, it is important to apply renewal of documents exactly 120 days prior to current document�s expiration date. If you file the renewal application earlier than 120 days prior to expiration, the USCIS may deny the application. In your case, if AP expires July, then return before the date to avoid issues. Plus, if EAD is current, then there should be no problem with entering U.S again. I am out of work and not risking it with out of country travel. Check with lawyer. That is important. Two years back, I returned with AP and faced questions at the airport. Check with lawyer before leaving. Why we do these hoop is known only to the almighty. Better to love someone here and settle with life. I am exhausted with all such documents. I have delayed marriage for GC.


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  • imconfused
    09-19 04:25 PM
    if i use EAD for a part time job, does the H1B visa status become invalid?

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  • senk1s
    11-03 04:58 PM
    my 2 cents:
    processed is different from approved


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  • adhantari
    06-16 04:22 PM
    After all the L1 bashing that happenned in one of the other threads, I doubt if any L1 is going to divulge his/her status.

    be a problem..... this is anonymous poll buddy..... :D

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  • gcdreamer05
    01-27 10:12 AM
    Question to you guys, how did you get your passport back ? when ur case is under processing or 221g?


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  • aguy
    08-03 04:15 PM

    My NIW/I-140 application has been pending for a year. During this time, I have more qualifications added to my resume. Is there a mechanism to send my updated resume or should I just let it be?


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  • lorebarba27
    07-30 04:04 AM
    According to new regulations only jobs on Job Zone Five can apply for EB2???

    If this is true only 15-1011.00 - Computer and Information Scientists, Research can apply under EB2 category for ITJobs.

    Please advise,


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  • rjgleason
    January 31st, 2005, 09:50 PM
    Nice story Freddy....Good sequence of shots. Do I see Juan Valdez and his mule in one of the shots? A good example of making your pics tell what you want the viewer to comprehend with any second guessing.

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  • needhelp!
    01-14 09:42 AM
    Thanks sunny. Donated at American Red Cross site. Urge you all to do the same.


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  • sam_i02
    09-24 06:56 PM
    Peeps -

    My self-filed I-485 application (July 2nd) was sent without:
    - Medical Exam results
    - Employment Verification Letter

    I have recently rec'd the receipt number for my case. Should i sent the missing documentation to USCIS linked to the receipt numbers - or should i wait for the RFE? Anyone with experience with this please advise.

    Secondly, if you recommend that i send it now, how can i make sure that the documents will get added to my file? Is there a special procedure for this?

    Thank you

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  • jignesh5
    07-15 11:39 AM
    I am going to close this thread..
    Please see this ..

    ramus is already working on it. Hopefully he will have more details soon..


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  • Dhundhun
    08-08 01:40 PM
    It is outrageous that NSC is not churning out any post April 2004 approvals for EB2-I. Is any one is taking any actions?
    What can be done?

    If you meant India, there is one case @
    - mytracker23 India EB2 PD 07/24/2004 approved on Aug 07

    If you meant China, there are couple of cases @
    - greencard1234 China EB2 PD 03/25/2005
    - erlizhinian China EB2 PD 03/26/2005
    - evereadyjoe China EB2 PD 11/24/2004

    But one thing is for sure, NSC has more ROW cases processed/approved, TSC is primarily going/approving India.

    I tried to get info. in, but no one else reported.

    I was hopeful of my case with Aug 2008 visa bulletin, but seeing the rate/pattern of approval @ NSC (post Apr 01, 2004), now I see no hope in Aug/Sep 2008.

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  • visa_reval
    06-22 06:31 PM
    You can definately get a 1 year extension based on the fact that your labor is approved and is more that 365 days before your h1, 6 year limit ended. You can also port your I-140 PD if you have a copy of the I-140. This you can do when you file for I-140 with the new company. With regards to a 3 year extension with the new company "Y", there is no clear ruling on this. But you can try for a 3 year extension, and you might get it if you are lucky ( I've read that people were able to get it).

    Please check with a good attorney like Rajiv or Murthy.


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  • AnishD
    04-02 10:47 PM
    I dont think so since someone is doing premium processing, the chances of getting RFE are more. Rather i read in other posts that we should go for Premium processing as it is faster and we come to know the result of the case quickly rather that awaiting for weeks/months.

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-26 07:20 AM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    Elin Nordegren broke her silence ( and gave her side of the story today telling the world how shocked and embarrassed she was by Tiger's infidelity. She also defended the marriage, saying that the marriage was real, not orchestrated for the cameras and sponsors.

    In our practice at Fong & Chun, LLP, we have seen many marriages, like Elin and Tiger's which were entered into for love, completely genuine marriages and yet within years (sometimes a lot sooner), the marriage goes awry. For those immigrants whose conditional greencards were based on marriages to US citizens, these men and women find themselves in a situation like Elin, telling their stories to the USCIS, actually defending themselves from deportation, that even though their marriage didn't survive the test of time, it was not a marriage of convenience for immigration purposes.

    If a marriage fails anytime before someone naturalizes, a person who immigrated through marriage will later be summoned by the USCIS for an intense and very uncomfortable interview in order to maintain their permanent residency - even at the time of applying for citizenship. Such interviews can even occur years after the marriage and divorce, so recounting the facts of a relationship and providing the documentation to verify the facts of the courtship, the wedding or civil ceremony, then detailing the timeline of marriage, separation and divorce is more than just burdensome, it's sometimes impossible. Attorneys at Fong & Chun have defended clients in such interviews, which can take several hours! Not to mention the legal briefing and the administrative review that can take months to years in the most complicated cases.

    We have counseled couples and immigrants who face this difficult situation, sometimes their marriages have ended because they had to escape physical or emotional abuse, other times, the marriage failed because of infidelity or even financial distress. If you need help telling your side of the story to USCIS, call the attorneys at Fong & Chun, LLP for a free consultation. Maybe we can help. --ecf

    More... (

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  • cool_desi_gc
    03-18 12:15 PM
    My apps had 3 LUD's in a period of 10 days since i submitted AR-11.

    12-14 03:47 PM
    You have a valid point and I hope that IV planners take note of this.

    02-17 02:58 PM
    Can you please specify process to donate miles. I have 21,000 miles with Delta that will expire soon and I don't intend to use it.

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