Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • tinamatthew
    07-18 03:50 PM
    Hello everyone and thank you IV for all your great work. Much appreciated.

    I have a (hopefully ) simple question:

    I am EB2 (had been current the whole time) and I am just now ready to file my I-140 and I-485.

    That said and considering the now new window to file (till 8/17), should I premium process the I-140? Does it even matter? Am I going to basically throw away $1000?

    I had ready that they would not even touch the I-485 till the I-140 was approved but that sounds like a contradiction to concurrent filing, right?

    Any info, tips would be greatly appreciated.

    My attorney is ready to file but I want to make sure I ask the right questions/get the right info from them before they do so.

    Thank you all once again!

    That's right, premium processing has been suspended. Yes it is true i-485 is not touched until i-140 is approved, but they will process EAD and AP. They just cannot decide the i-485 BCOS it is based on an immigrant petition. IF the immigrant petition has not been decided, they cannot do anything about the i-485. Hope this helps

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  • pappu
    07-20 02:20 PM
    :D Send it to Jay Leno for Monday Night News. You can black out any personal information
    Good Idea :)
    Send it to all late night comedy shows with a brief note explaining all the hassles of legal green card process. This example being one!!

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  • eilsoe
    05-02 04:49 PM
    lmao :lol:

    nice one :P

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  • black_logs
    04-04 03:25 PM
    We have in our contract with our strategic counsel that no part of our payment to them, will go to any political fundraisers. This issue was ironed before we even started asking for money. We could not have risked our careers. Our Contributers are also very smart as you are so they made sure they are doing everything withing the boundries of law, as you're doing. It is appreciable!!!


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  • Steve Mitchell
    October 24th, 2004, 02:18 PM
    Don't forget another way to eliminate the possibility of two high a voltage is to use a wireless system using pocket wizards from your hotshoe. Dyna-lite makes a wide range of wireless pack and strobe systems.

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  • vivek_k
    08-13 12:10 PM
    NSC is going very tough on A2P issues. I have had a A2P issues on my 140 with Nebraska. Suggest you hire a good attorney and you can resolve this in your favour. PM me if you need any additional information.

    What is A2P? Thanks.


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  • levelup2
    11-21 10:04 AM
    Thanks for all your post

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  • InTheMoment
    04-27 11:10 AM
    Hey Congratulations Panama !

    A week's time after approval is a good estimate for receiving the cards in the mail. So expect them by April 30 :)


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  • parthu_r
    01-17 01:58 AM

    I applied for EAD Renewal on DEC-18 2009 ( posted to Nebraska Service Center)
    It has been a month I havent received any Receipt or RFE and check for fee has not been cashed

    My EAD will expire on March-15th-2010

    What to do in this sitiuation?

    Is there any customere service No to reach ?

    Do i need to reapply ? Did anybody encounter similar situation. If so please let me know what you have done

    please reply


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  • kirupa
    07-19 04:35 PM
    Hi jkid,
    Unfortunately, this is an area that I am not very familiar with. Posting on MSDN or may be a good idea since the forums in this category are more on the UI/design side of .NET develoment.

    Kirupa :)


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  • coolpal
    04-14 11:49 AM
    Are you working for your new employer now? (I assume not).
    Is you new employer a consultancy, i.e, your final work assignment will be for another client... if so, then you should expect a RFE (not gauranteed, but most likely) regarding client details and contracts... assuming you fall under this category, I would suggest you to apply for premium processing if you are able to respond to such an RFE...

    But otherwise, I wouldn't recommend using premium processing, since you are almost 6 months away from expiry....

    pal :)

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  • watzgc
    09-19 07:14 PM
    is it for Sub-Labour ? Category ?


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  • jsb
    11-27 04:31 PM
    Thank you wandmaker. This helps.

    - But can a person be unemployed before the 180 days elapse? What happens if person is unable to find a job before 180 days?

    - Also, per your information - can the person find a new job, change H1s and then wait for 180 days to send in a letter to USCIS?

    The whole GC process is based on future employment which your employer undertook to give you on your getting GC. If your employer (who let you go) is still committed to that, you are fine, but that is unlikely. Best is just do nothing until 180 days pass, except finding another employer (no problem if you are unemployed in between) who is prepared to offer you same/similar job. Once 180+ days pass, you are ok provided your I-140 was already approved or is approvable. You may want to read bulletins on the subject USCIS has issued time to time.

    Yes, you can wait for 180 days before telling USCIS about your new same/similar job. You don't need to change H1, just use EAD.

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  • sanjay02
    05-22 03:09 AM
    Your case has moved to another office, usually it happens when they schedule an interview at local office.


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  • aroranuj
    04-09 04:16 PM
    Can anyone whose I-140 has been denied the 1st time shed some light on their experience too?


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  • zeusjerry
    03-26 01:30 PM
    Hello Mates & Buddies,

    I am currently holding Indian Citizenship and planning to file my H1 on Indian passport.
    But at this year end I am also planning to take my Australian Citizenship.

    So could anyone please suggest or share his experience whether transferring H1 on totally new citizenship is possible or not ? if yes then what's the way ?

    And does anyone has any experience or knowledge of E3 (Australian Work visa to USA).

    Thank in advance !!!


    Are you planning to shift the H1 to a different citizenship for retrogression based issues ?? if so, i dont think there would be any advantage as Green Card Quota's are based on "Country of Birth" and not citizenship..


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  • glus
    09-13 01:55 PM
    They should file form I-130 for you immediately and once your priority date becomes current, you could file 485. You need to maintain status until you file 485. You should not wait until they become U.S. Citizens. You should lock your priority date and it will carry over even if they are U.S. Citizens. Family immigration is on a much faster track now.Take a look at past few visa bulletins to see.

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  • coopheal
    04-18 05:49 PM
    Hey Gurus,
    I am in confusion here.
    I applied for my I-485(EB2, PD= Dec,2006) in july 2007. I was married that time and my wife was in India. She didnt get delhi consulate appointment so i missed her while i applied for my I - 485. Now she is in US on H4 visa. I got RFE last month on my I 485 regarding employment verification. I have replied for RFE.

    My Question here is:-
    If I get my green card(that chances are very less because my PD are not current... but on safe side), How i can add her into GC or 485 stage.

    Have your docs ready. If your PD does become current send them such they reach on the first working day of the month your PD is current.

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  • bank_king2003
    04-23 06:32 PM
    I have an h1b and EAD. i am employee of company A. currently i am working for a client(a startup company) in project through company A.. now this client wants to give me some equity(shares) of his company. i will keep on working as company A's consultant with this client.

    my question is can i take the equity(shares) of my client. ofcourse he is not paying me anything, my paycheck still comes from company A as i am there h1b employee.

    just wanted to make sure taking equity wont hurt my h1b ??

    Any Advice ??


    07-06 11:31 AM
    Did anyone apply for visitor visa extension on medical grounds

    10-05 01:07 PM

    I entered the U.S. on an F1 visa on March 9th 2007, and have continued to study in the U.S. as of now.

    I pay "Out-of-state" tuition to California State University, but I would like to know if there was anything I could do to become a legal resident of California to apply for In-state tuition.

    It's not that I am trying to get a way out of the system, but in reality I want to become a U.S. resident which is one of my goals, just popping up in here to see if there's anything I can do in the meantime.

    I have researched in Texas University, if I apply for a VISA, while it is processing I can pay IN-State tuition

    Q. How do I establish residency?
    A. One must be an independent (not claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes), US citizen or permanent resident, (have a green card, also known as card I-551 or the evidence of I-551 stamp in the passport) or international student who is eligible to establish a domicile in Texas and live in the state of Texas for 12 consecutive months and establish a domicile in Texas prior to enrollment.

    Thank you for all your help! - Remember I am in CALIFORNIA not TX.

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