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Tattoo On The Wrist

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  • neerajkandhari
    05-23 09:19 PM
    I am wondering how anybody can employ her without SSN

    you can apply for SSN with ead card and approval notice

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  • dollar500
    01-03 11:29 PM
    I have a curious situation. I have filed EB3-485 as a secondary applicant to my wife. I am currently in a job where I can't file a green card ( this is my 5th year of H1b). My understanding is one can't have a seventh year extension for H1b unless his I-140 is approved.

    Should I consider changing the job and filing another GC by myself. I know I can continue renewing EAD but I still want to keep my H1b


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  • lotta
    07-18 08:16 PM
    Probably not. Perhaps worst case is RFE, which can be easily answered in your case.

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  • Green.Tech
    07-18 03:38 PM
    Premium processing for 140 has been suspended until July 31, 2007.


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  • ganugapati
    11-16 10:25 PM
    Here is my current visa situation
    Labor, I-140 approved
    EAD/AP valid
    I-485 pending for 3 years.
    EB2/India � July 2007 filer

    I got laid off last year and have been unemployed for 1 year.

    I am thinking of applying for California state unemployment benefits. Here are my questions

    1) Is there a risk that the EDD office could forward this information to USCIS
    2) If the USCIS comes to know about this then is there a risk that they may issue a RFE for an updated job offer and subsequently deny I-485.

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  • needhelp!
    10-12 05:48 PM
    in less than 23 hours


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  • pvpb
    10-18 11:29 AM
    My case was filed at NSC on august 3rd...transferred to VSC and the 485 was transferred to TSC evn though my 140 is fro NSC...donno the logic behind it though


    I m starting a new thread for people whose 485 packets sent to VSC for receipting and returned back to TSC for 485 adjudication

    PD 10/04
    RD 08/03
    ND 10/12

    I-140 filed @ TSC, I-485 sent to TSC. Checks cashed from VSC and I-485 returned back to TSC

    I-765, I-131, FP are pending.

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  • sandy_anand
    11-10 04:07 PM
    Instead of thinking of filing a lawsuit immediately, which could be expensive in my opinion, you should think about filing an MTR - Motion To Reconsider.


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  • Dhundhun
    09-10 06:22 PM

    I got a RFE asking for a copy of birth certificate and bio info. I had sent my BC and bio info before while applying for 485 last august. I was hurrying up my lawyer to send the response as soon as possible.

    My lawyer emailed me that since there is a spelling difference in the way my name is shown in my BC and in all other docs, I will be subject to additional security checks and there is no point in hurrying. Is this true or is my lawyer using this as a delay tactic ?

    My name in my BC ends with .......iam and in all other docs ends with .....iyan. Should this cause a problem ?

    Please share your thoughts and help me.

    Lawyers can usually justfy some minor spelling mistakes and answer to RFE. Usually USCIS accepts BC name.

    Based on inputs from my lawyer, there is some delay if such descrepency is there - he said that he can reply to such RFE and apart from delay there is no other issue.

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  • redgreen
    08-27 09:56 PM
    sure you lost it. what will you do?? you are doomed. and start a thread in all the websites. uscis and usps may work faster.

    Dear Friends,

    Does anybody has information on the current lag between check cashing and getting receipt in the mail?

    My check for 485 was cashed on August 20 (process by my bank) and the online case status says receipt was mailed out. But my lawyer has not received it as of today.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.


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  • gcwaiting17
    09-11 12:18 PM
    May be you are right. My EAD got approved and waiting for FP.

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  • gc_check
    01-25 11:07 PM
    Considering the state of the economy and considering that the most important poisiton to save is that of the primary applicant, I suggest that USCIS process cases of primary applicants asap.

    Family members can contnue on EAD for long time; however if the principal applicant loses job and can not find another one, the entire family is done - pack bags and leave.

    What do you think?

    ssh --> I see from your profile your PD as 2001 and understand your frustration, waiting long. I like the idea what you has told... but not sure if it is practical.

    Even I think, we need to ensure, the criteria for apply for EB immigration must be met @ the time the application is accepted. But after that, if the applicant status change in the interim, that should not jeopardize the entire applicaiton it self. With EB, they want to ensure, the status is met @ the time of approval, but given the present economic condition, any thing can happen, and hope USCIS, does not utilize this to penalize the law abiding legal immigrant folks for the delay by USCIS in processing application.

    I'm not sure, The application eligibility should be verified/met at the time an application is accepted for processing and not @ approval is my view. But might not be acceptable to vast majority. Return the application immediately if criteria is not met, but not after many many years.


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  • prabhakarm22
    11-04 02:17 PM
    I moved to a new company and yet to receive my I-797 approved from INS. My old company visa is valid till May 2010. If they have not revoked it can i still travel out of country and come back?

    What will they ask me in port of entry?


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  • wandmaker
    09-10 05:24 PM
    Hello gurus,
    I woked with Company A and got my I140 approved(PD sep 04 EB2). I had issue with Company A that they asked me wait to apply my I485 in july 2007 wave. I frustrated and moved to Company B and substitued another labor(PD May-2002 EB3), got theI140 approval and 485 is pending from july 2007. In the Meantime, Company A withdrawn my approved EB2 I140 petition couple of months ago to protect one of their employee I140 petition.

    Currently i believe the situvation is not good for EB3 and planned to enable my "Company A" I140 petition to apply for I485. Will USCIS allow company A to enable the withrdrawn I140 petition to apply my I485? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


    AFAIK, it is a NO


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  • rkp27
    07-03 07:25 AM

    What is your priority date ?

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  • BumbleBee
    08-15 01:41 PM
    Yes lonemetro,
    You can re-use priority date established on first I-140 for any sub-sequent I-140 filling. As I understand from your post, you have EB3 labor approved and have just filed for I-140 based on it.
    Now, parent company wants to transfer you. Generally I would think you should be able to transfer and still have your GC process going if the company indeed is a 'parent company' but seems there is something different here.

    As a general rule, as long as your previously approved I-140 remained approved, you can re-use priority date established for that I-140 for any subsequent I-140 petition. The sub-sequent petition can be with any employer, and yes, you would need a new labor to file that new I-140 :)

    Try EB1 or EB2 this time :cool:



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  • birdwing
    07-24 06:29 PM
    what is the purpose of this?

    If it is to share comments between people working on the same project, it would probably be easier to convert it to xps and use document viewer to see it. And then the comments could be saved as a .txt file and sent with the other file.

    Thats my 2 cents although it would be cool to get it working the way you first envisioned.

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  • radhay
    08-12 01:54 PM
    clif, I wouldn't worry too much regarding the interview. Just take the latest paystubs, Employment letter from your new employer and all the evidence that you have to prove that you have been legally maintaining status in the country. Since you have already submitted medical exam results you don't need to take them with you.

    They usually just send a standard letter without checking any items in the list.

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  • GoldenBoy
    10-12 07:19 AM
    see kax thats the problem

    you cant edit swfs using flash....

    or can you??

    02-26 09:57 PM
    Hello,This is my first time here.
    I am graduated F-1 students and now working in my OPT period
    OPT valid 4/1/2008-3/31/2009.

    I am gonna send application for H-1b on 4/1/2009.
    If H-1b approved in April or May 2009.

    My Questions are:
    Can i work and stay in US during 4/1/2009-5/31 ?
    ( what is my status,OPT expired on 3/31/2009,H-1B not approved)

    Can i work and stay in US druing 6/1/2009-10/1/2009
    (What is my status?)

    Thank you !

    You cannot work beyond the last day of your OPT work authorization.

    You say you are going to apply for an H1. This can only be done by an employer who has already fulfilled a labor conditions application on your behalf.

    Once your OPT finishes you cannot just stay in the US to wait and see what happens. You will need to leave and if your visa application is approved you can get a visa stamp at your local US consulate and enter the US again within two weeks of your first date of employment which cannot be before October 1st 2009.

    05-27 12:15 PM
    Aha I see ... yes she can stay in the US beyond the I-94 date as long as the extension application is pending. From the postings i can recollect that in case of a denial the unlawful presence starts from the decision date.

    also if you get denial stamp no longer be valid. This is what I also read online.

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