Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • vinki
    08-28 11:45 AM
    hi !
    we have recently finished our finger printing ... can anyone tell me what will be the next step ..


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  • a_yaja
    01-16 09:56 PM
    In Ohio, they issue a DL for one year from the application for H1B extension if the H1B has not been approved yet. It might be the same case in NC as well - it might be worth checking.

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  • maverick_joe
    05-13 10:22 AM
    Congrats! good to see an EB3 I from July 2003 getting his GC.

    I got my GC but my wife's application (based on my 485) is still pending. I think at this point I can switch jobs/go to school full time and it won't affect my spouse's case. Just want to double check on this, any thoughts??

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  • learning01
    04-06 01:33 PM
    bill (# S......), will come into this S.Amdt of Specter. See my post here elsewhere in IV (
    Everyone these are the provisions in the original Hagel bill. We're not sure whether they will be there in the new one or not.


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  • nashorn
    12-15 12:50 PM
    You need to make it more clear to get help.

    You said she got a H4 stamp when she first came to the US based on your H1B. That could not be true. She must had a I-797 approval notice of her H4.

    You need all her I-797s of H4. Check the starting and ending times on them. Their should be no gap between. Any gap, if during which she was in the US, means illegal stay. But, if she had left the US after the gap and returned legally, the gap wouldn't be treated as illegal stay when you file 485. The evidence you need to prove this the her I-94s. All the VISA she'll ever has are the ones in her passport.

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  • meridiani.planum
    01-09 08:31 PM
    I am a freelancer and I plan to write an article for a California based Asian Newsletter about the political views of the Immigrant community.

    Most EB Immigrants (now citizens) have forgotten what's it like to be an "Immigrant in a limbo". Let's remind them!! Your thoughts might inspire someone to reconsider their decisions.

    I was in your shoes in the mid 90's. and I am aware that most of you are in the midst of a messy immigration process.

    But, if you had an opportunity, who would you choose and why?

    post your official contact info (not some email address) and interested members can contact you with their views.


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  • gcisadawg
    04-29 02:23 PM
    What if you have AP but not used it, instead used the re-validation rule to enter into the country, using H1. Would that invoke abandonment of 485?

    The scenario covers people who are working on H1B and have their I-485 pending and have not applied for AP and have a expired H1B visa stamp on their passport. It doesn't matter if they have a H1B extension on hand with a new I-94 stub. If they travel abroad, it could very well be considered as an abandonment although they might be permitted to re-enter under "automatic visa revalidation" rule.

    If I've I-485 pending, i would never travel without an AP.


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  • psychman
    02-17 04:16 PM
    Thanks for the help Kirupa. It works great now!


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  • desi3933
    02-18 11:36 AM
    As I am paid on an hourly basis, I am not paid while I am on bench. As a result I don't have a pay stub for a period of 3 weeks.

    Will this be a big problem in the future in terms of Green card processing?

    ..... I don't know much about the legal process.

    Thank you!

    First, you should know about rights of H-1B employee. You must get paid for all times including unproductive times (knows as "bench") as well.

    Read this pdf

    You should consider getting your salary for "bench" time, otherwise you are out of status. Being out of status can cause issues for H-1B "transfer" as well.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • roseball
    09-16 02:21 AM
    You can get your EB3 PD. Your lawer needs to write to the USCIS to port your PD. Attorney here would give you more details and wait for them to respond.

    The OP cannot port his EB-3 PD in this case as his EB-3 I-140 was not filed/approved. One can only port an older PD if they have an approved I-140 with old PD. Just an approved LC with old PD won't help.


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  • vfx
    07-09 11:52 AM
    Is the 3yr extension based on an approved 140 transferrable to another employer for the full duration of 3 yrs?

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  • morchu
    04-30 01:05 AM
    You always send 485/140 to the address shown in the form instructions.
    Your 485/140 maybe processed by Nebraska/Texas Service centers.
    Please do some reading in
    If i'm from Michigan, which processing center is handling my application for Green Card. Nebraska??????????????


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  • eilsoe
    09-30 08:43 AM
    I have a scanner. Cheap *** sh*tty scanner that renders green lines all over my scanned artwork...

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  • looivy
    05-15 01:07 PM
    I am looking for a cheap lawyer in Chicago area who will be willing to do basic paperwork for Canada immigration. Please suggest.


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  • Steve Mitchell
    February 11th, 2006, 08:12 AM
    Nikon has acknowledged a limited number of early production D200's may be afflicted with a banding problem. To read Nikon's official stance on the issue, read here (

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  • awi_ok
    02-19 09:10 AM
    Dear experts,

    Please comment and/or suggest.




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  • kirupa
    03-05 03:38 AM

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  • tosca_travels
    09-27 02:10 PM
    I am EB2, Indian. Filed for PERM earlier this summer and waiting for approval which I don't expect for another 4-6 months. The situation is that my company is in a very shaky financial position but they have been very supportive and I am hoping to be okay for the next 6 mo to year. My strategy is (assuming I don't lose my job) to just sit out my I-140 approval and that way I get the 3-yr extension and lock in my PD. I don't see being able to file for I-485 at this job.

    Soo -- 2 questions:
    1) Do you think the financial position of the company will affect the I-140 approval? It's a financial services firm and we have had a bunch of layoffs.
    2) Assuming I get my I-140 approved, could I, in theory, leave the US for a while (I am very interested in a one-year fellowship program in Europe) and then come back and go work for a new company using the 3-year H1-B extension and begin the green card process again with my current (2009) priority date?

    Thanks very much!

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  • Harivinder
    04-11 01:13 PM
    Hi Friends and Administrators,

    I have a suggestion. I am sure the administrators here have much better ideas than mine but I would request administrators to please read this suggestion with an open mind. It might be useful for the community.
    I am sure we have enough members working for big companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Intel etc. The past experiences tell us that congress listens to these companies more than us even if we are making a valid point on the legal immigration issues. The irony here is that these companied care for H1 visa expansion not green card quota expansion. These big companies do not realize the benefit of green card quota expansion to them.
    Let me prove how. A large proportion of the immigration community is working for small companies as consultants. Their immigration status makes changing jobs very difficult. Now I am sure if the people stuck in GC process get there GC thousands of people will not be forced to work for consultant companies and will look for permanent jobs. And these big companies are sitting on the top of the most desired companies to work for. These thousands of consultants will be more than happy to work for these big companies after they get there GC.
    My point here is that if we can have these Companies speak for us, our voices can be heard by congress.
    How this can be done: If immigrants working for these companies as consultants or permanent can start a chain of email and send a signed copy with hundred of signatures to the management, management might think of putting these points across to congress.
    The contents of this email should be simple and achievable. Like
    1. Recapture of unused Visas.
    2. Get rid of the country quota. (This one is difficult but very beneficial).
    3. Except US graduates form quota. (This one is controversial in IV community, but if US graduates are out of the quota every one is benefited. US graduates will be benefited more, but others will be benefited because there will be less number of people to share the quota. I mention this one because this point can get big support for the universities also, and I am sure congress does not ignore a voice coming form the universities.
    About increasing the quota it is difficult and will not help much if the country quota is still exists.

    If the email submitted to the management contain thousands of signatures from immigrants working for here company and people who support these immigrants in the company management and people like Bill Gates might talk to the congress to hemp us.

    May be it is 2 cents suggestion but I would like the administrators to think out it with a open mind.


    11-30 05:52 PM
    Here's my situation: Eb2 India (PD of 24th May 2006), filed 485 ONLY for self in September 2008, got married later and hence wife is not yet added to my 485 application. She is dependent H4 on my H1 visa -- so even though I have EAD, I am NOT using it.

    Changing jobs now going to same title, similar job duties. The lawyers at hiring company say I can use my EAD and H1b interchangeably! And my understanding was that the moment I use EAD, my H1B is annulled. Is this not right?

    Second question -- the lawyer mentions that even if my date becomes current and we can for some reason NOT get my wife's 485 application in, we can always do follow-to-join without any issues. Has someone had any experience with this. My understanding was that I NEED to make sure my wife's 485 application reaches them on the 1st of the month in which my date is becoming current.

    Could someone PLEASE comment on these two questions?

    Thank you much!

    06-15 06:13 AM
    Sorry to hear abt your would help if you can share details of what happened and at POE what type of questions were asked and what was your response? what documents did the officer check? did he call your employer?Did they make you you sign on any papers? did they ask you to voluntarily withdraw your H1B petition?Please provide as much info as you can and I am sure IV core might also help you as this is the first time that someone came forward who is on H1B & got deported. All these days we are hearing abt friend and friends friend but nobody came forward first hand who got deported to share thier experiences...

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