Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • delhiguy
    06-30 01:31 PM
    no one?

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  • eb3retro
    03-01 01:44 PM
    I applied for H1b visa transferred in Nov 08 inspite of not having recent pay stubs. After applying transfer, I started working for new employer.
    Last week I got query from USCIS asking my latest pay stubs (Oct 08) and yesterday I got Laid off from my new job after working for 4 months (till Feb 09).

    My husband is on L1B visa.
    In my case
    1. Shall I consider transferring to L2? for this do I need to go to my home country (India) for L2 stamp?
    2. If COS to L2 is approved, Can I work on my old H1B again if I find an employer who is ready for transfer?
    3. If I travel to my home country(India), will my H1B visa be cancelled? as currently i don't have any H1B approval.
    4. Whether the Request For Evidence(REF) on my H1B transfer will have any implication on L2 stamping?

    Please help ..
    Regards ...

    how abt updating your profile first.

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  • rbalaji5
    03-06 01:56 PM
    check your passport validity and then cross the border if you are near to Mexico and return back on the same day. I did once without any issue. This is quickest and safest way to extend your I94. If you apply for i94 extension it will take another 4 to 5 months.

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  • vemulap1
    09-30 04:57 PM
    I applied for my first labor in 2004 Feb, due to backlog center processing and I140 RFE so I applied for second labor from same employer in 2006 Sept.
    Second labor and I140 cleared with out any problem, mean while during in 2007 July I applied I485 based on my second labor.
    Later after six months my first I140 was cleared.

    My question to IV Guru's, Is there any process to interfile older priority date to the second
    labor. I mean is there any process to restore priority date of first labor to second one. As my I485 application is based on second labor.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


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  • yestogc
    06-05 05:10 PM
    YES, I had a friend who came back from airport recently to pick his PP.

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  • chi_shark
    12-10 02:41 PM
    I am told by my lawyers that the likelihood of a second RFE is "very slim". This is because apparently, USCIS will only send RFE if they dont have some information about you such as where you work and such. Once they have procedurally collected information (as they seem to have in your case), they might not come asking for the same info again...

    but - as you stated in your question... there is no way to tell for sure...

    sorry if this does not help.


    I received RFE (employment verification letter) from USCIS, texas center two years ago. I was still employed by the company who filed my GC application at that time. So the company replied and my case status was updated. But my PD was not current, so my case is still pending until now.

    I lost job recently, if my PD became current in early 2010, will USCIS EVL me again?

    I know no one can predict how USCIS works. I just want to check if anyone had experience that was checked employment status twice?




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  • rbharol
    09-08 03:01 PM

    You actually stayed awake to listen /Watch to this!!!!.. hey comeon.. don't let the immigration dream take away your sleep...enjoy while you goes on..

    I am in California so it was 9:40 for me....
    I do not sleep before 10 anyway.

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  • goel_ar
    04-06 03:23 PM
    I have started a new thread to remind everyone (who has not yet contributed) to contribute for the just concluded Advocacy day.

    Take some funds from any money that you put aside this year for charitable causes or temple donations. All that you contribute is money well spent - as eventually it would benefit a number of people and entire families. So helping people better their lives is like contributing to charitable causes. Even $50 is good to start with. Hope that motivates all.
    Hi Guys,

    Just Curious, you asked for & posted the contribution very consistently on forum - now since advocacy days are over - are you going to post the break-up of expenses also in similar manner? That will motivate people (who can't make it to advocacy event) to understand the expenses & donate for future events.


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  • what_now
    06-22 07:34 AM
    now? Why did you not complain 4 years ago? It is becoz you were benefiting from the L1B???? If you stayed for 4 years then you are party to the fraud too...

    Consider this before complaining.......

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  • mygc2006
    08-08 10:31 AM
    I have applied I 140 on Jul 6th and got the APPROVAL on Jul 18th from Texas centre :) ... never got a receipt notice... but i know of some of my friends who got a receipt notice before approval ..


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  • NKR
    10-02 08:19 PM
    I have heard that it is pretty easy and straight forward to incorporate a business using I have not tried that myself..

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  • smisachu
    11-03 03:39 PM
    For the more sophisticated types, you can do a carry trade by shorting USD in the Fx markets and putting the proceeds in a Brazilian short term bond which yields 9.5%. Everbank in Nevada issues a Brazilian bond by an AAA rated German bank. Not government backed debt but the underlying instruments are all government bonds.

    The net of transaction costs is a yield pick up of about 7.5% and your money invested is Zero. Of course there is no such as a free lunch and you need to have accounts with the ability to seamlessly trade Fx and other instruments. Plus you will have the risk of default on your shoulders.



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  • valluriraja
    10-11 07:53 PM

    Some one could you please let me know how and where I can give complaint about H1B holding company.

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  • susie
    02-13 11:44 AM

    I am in Florida, let me know if I can help and own two companies in the US and one in the UK



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  • indianabacklog
    11-12 02:20 PM
    Hi all,

    What docs are required for re-entry of spouse on H4 visa. The primary applicant on H1 is not travelling.

    1. Copy of I-797 of H1 visa holder.
    2. Passport copy of H1 visa holder.
    3. Recent pay stubs of H1 visa holder.
    3. Marriage Certificate.

    Am I missing something.


    Not sure you need any of 2, 3 or 4. However, it is very helpful to have a letter from the H1 employer saying that you are still employed by your company or whatever you work for and your spouse is currently on an H4 dependents visa.

    My husband has found this has been adequate on many occasions.

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  • eilsoe
    10-20 05:07 PM
    I made Anaglyphs some years back with red and blue pens...

    Then I went and lost my red/blue anaglyph glasses... (d*mn)...


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  • fastergcwanted
    06-17 10:28 AM
    First of all, congrats to everyone in the final stages of this tedious and frustrating process.

    I have a question for people who filed I-140 and I-485 concurrently and got their receipt numbers.

    I have gotten receipt numbers for my concurrently filed I-485 and I-765 as I paid for them (PD April 2003, I-140/I-485 filed at NSC). I do not have receipt for I-140 after more than 2 weeks. My employer is not giving me receipt number for I-140 as he may be wanting more money from me. Now, I have read in a forum that I-140 when applied concurrently should have receipt number very close to I-485 receipt number and normally I-140 receipt number is less than I-485 receipt number (i.e. if I-485's last four digits are 4600 then last 4 for I-140 number will be lower than 4600 and close to it. So, in theory I can scan numbers prior to mine and find closer ones for the same date and track them.

    If you can please check your numbers and tell me if your I-140 number is before your I-485 number and how close they are to each other, I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • martinvisalaw
    09-10 02:42 PM
    I would always go by the DOS website first. It looks like the consulate website confused India and China dates.

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  • senk1s
    05-05 01:09 PM
    I did not know that ... So the company contracting someone has to maintain an I9 information?

    Here is what is read from the I-9 handbook

    "If you are self-employed, you do not need to complete a Form I-9 on yourself unless you are also an employee of a business entity, such as a corporation or partnership, in which case the business entity is required to complete a Form I-9 on you."

    01-03 05:05 PM
    On Sept. 14, President Bush signed the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, an ethics and lobbying reform bill, which enforces a number of new restrictions.

    Under the new law, lobbyists are prohibited from providing gifts, food, beverage and travel to Members of Congress, their staff or employees. A violation of this law could result in civil fines and/or criminal prosecution for the Company and individuals involved.


    12-08 11:22 PM
    Sorry this is a non-immigration related post.

    I wanted to share this YouTube video -- it's just too good.

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