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  • JakeJapan
    01-27 09:54 AM
    Thank you for your reply. We have not yet talked to a lawyer. That is our next step.


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  • vban2007
    05-22 11:30 AM
    1. Question regarding my I-94 form...

    I have one which I got when entered US, 4 yrs back which is expired and after that I got new ones with each H1B application extension.

    Should I send all of them or just the latest one? or the one i got while entering (Expired one)

    2. Is it possible to travel on old AP While applying for EAD and AP renewal?


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  • mn_finch
    04-01 10:36 PM
    My LCA appl has a priority date of June 2004; and so far, Dallas BEC has lost my resent-appl twice. Lawyers failed to retrieve any status after that, and suggested a congressional liaison enquiry into it. If anybody is aware of this enquiry, would you plz let me know? Thanx.

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  • maak77
    12-07 03:03 PM
    Does USCIS usually says this. i assume it should say "AP approved " or something similar. Have anyone seen this message on tracking your online case status.

    Thanks for any info.



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  • sb1122
    10-06 09:08 PM
    thanks for the reply. but she cannot wait for the i539 to be processed as it is taking more than 1 year for that. She cannot wait that long. Is there anyway to transfer unveirstiy with pening i539.

    If not, then what is the way to cancel this i539. We do not want to send her outside the country.

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  • skarthy
    08-07 05:44 PM
    applied June 27th( NSC ), still no FP..
    Called them yesterday..the lady said that we need to wait for a 102 more days before they can consider this an issue :eek:

    basically, there is no time period for FP , if we dont get EAD in the time frame then we call and ask. That's what the lady suggested.

    we need to track if it happening to a lot of people.


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  • bombay707
    11-16 08:34 AM

    I lost my job on 7th Nov 2008. On the same day I received the offer letter & my H1 transfer was applied by the new company. This new company goes by rules, so they are waiting for the H1 receipt. They have not applied H1 trasnfer in premium processing.

    My questions are,

    1.) What time is it taking to get a receipt by USICS? (NON Premium Processing - I�m in NY City - so probably Vermont Center)

    2.) Do we have any rule in written (Official), that as soon u apply for transfer, without getting the receipt; you can work for the new employer?
    (So I can show it to my new employer)

    3.) Can I follow with USICS? Have they received my application for transfer? How to contact them? What reference should I give them, to find my application? (I don�t have tracking number - FedEx receipt)

    4.) What is the time taken for the H1 Paper, to be delivered after receipt, by USICS?

    Trust me this is so frustrating, U can�t join because of all this paper work.

    Please respond ASAP.

    NOTE: Also please let me know , when u had applied the same.

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  • sammywammy
    04-27 10:24 PM
    The lawyers did some mixup/goofup and I lost my June 2002 PD. Here is the sequence of events.

    Original Labor (Labor1)
    PD: June 2002
    Category: EB3 (incorrectly filed at that time by lawyers)
    State: CA

    We didn’t hear about the whereabouts of my labor1 case because it was sent to the Backlog Processing center (all cases after May 2002 were sent)
    So the lawyers suggested filing a new labor under PERM.

    Second Labor (Labor2)
    PD: Oct 2005
    Category: EB2
    Approved: in December 2005

    Second I140
    Approved: in December 2005/Early 2006

    Received Original Labor Approval in end of Dec 2006

    The lawyers decided to combine the 2 cases and file for I-485.
    i.e. use the ORIGINAL Labor PD and SECOND Labor EB2.
    In April 2007, 485 application was open for “EB2” – “June 2002”.
    So the lawyers filed for concurrent I-485 and I-140 for the ORIGINAL EB3 case (they submitted Second Approved EB2 I-140 along with it)

    ORIGINAL I-140 was approved in Oct 2007

    PLEASE NOTE: the unique situation is that the SECOND I140 was approved before the ORIGINAL I140.

    Since April, 2007 - We were told by my company lawyers that the 485 is under process EB2 PD June 2002.

    The GC Visa number have been available for EB2 PD June 2002 for a long time now.
    But we still hadn’t received our Greencard for a long time and were wondering what is causing this delay.

    So after much ado by our lawyers, they agreed to check with USCIS.

    Because the Second I140 was approved before the First I1-40, USCIS said that we cannot use old PD

    According to our lawyers, Now our current case status is “supposedly” OCT 2005 EB2. So we lost the June 2002 PD.

    Is there anyway to recapture the old PD? (with or without refilling I-485)
    Any suggestions,help or insight will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards


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  • nishant_u
    03-15 07:00 PM
    I am currently employed by a large US-based multinational firm on an H-1B visa. My 6 year limit on H1 expires on Nov 27, 2011.

    My employer filed Labor Certification for my employment-based Green Card (EB2) over a year ago (on March 1st, 2010).

    Since it has been more than a year since Labor has been filed, I am assuming my employer can file for a 1-year extension to my H-1B visa 6 months before it expires (that is on June 27th, 2011). Also, in the meantime, if my Labor and subsequent I-140 are approved, I am assuming my employer can file for 3-year extension to my H-1B.

    Question 1: Are these assumptions above correct?

    Question 2: Can I quit my job and join another firm after the 1 or 3 year extension is granted? That is will another employer be able to file an H1 petition on my behalf for the extended H1 period (that is beyond 6 years) - even though the extension was granted because of a Labor Certification filed by the previous employer?

    I plan to get married to an American Citizen in September. Once I get married, I will obviously file for a marriage-based green card.

    Question 3: Given the above, can I quit my job and join another firm now (before my H1 extension is filed)? What are my risks?

    If I do stay with my current employer - once I get married, I am assuming that I can file for my marriage based green card (form I-130) and adjustment of status (I-485) concurrently.

    Question 4: Is the above assumption correct?

    Question 5: Can I also file for EAD concurrently with my I-485? How soon can I expect to leave my current employer and take up a job based on the EAD / marriage-based green card?

    Appreciate any guidance.


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  • maine_gc
    12-11 11:57 AM
    It is common. Your 485 is based on the denied I140. If the I140 is appealed then the 485 will also be tranferred to the Appeals Office. That does not mean you I485 is denied. It is
    still under process and you can apply EAD and AP as well.

    I am saying this with my own experience. Hope this helps


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  • fall1998
    05-17 09:12 PM
    Is everyone getting approval without case being transferred to other service centers?

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  • NolaIndian32
    06-02 02:16 PM
    And if I get my green card through the UAFA (hopefully it will pass in 2010 or 2011) then thats one less person in the EB2 queue. Thanks for posting this!

    Kudos to Senator Chuck Schumer for raising the profile of a serious issue - discrimination against same-sex partners in US immigration law. Even as several states are enacting marriage equality laws and anti-discrimination laws are moving forward around the US (including here in my home town of Memphis), the antiquated Defense of Marriage Act prevents USCIS from treating these families fairly. The UAFA would be a huge step forward. The Senate will have its first hearing on the bill tomorrow. My friend Chuck Kuck, president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, has posted his written statement here. Thanks to reader...

    More... (


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  • Bobby Digital
    October 19th, 2005, 01:54 PM
    Does anyone have any suggestions for rain covers for camera's?

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-08 01:20 AM
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is promising immigration will be one of three major legislative priorities this year (the other two are health care reform and energy). It's not news that Senator Reid wants to push for reform this year, but it is the first time I've seen him be this specific on where immigration reform ranks on the priorities list.

    More... (


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  • kirupa
    08-04 04:26 PM
    How can I link to a file or the xml in Blend 4?

    Second question, How can I add URL to the texts in Blend 4?

    Thanx :D
    You can use RichTextBox for inlining hyperlinks. It is available in WPF and Silverlight 4 projects. Your hyperlink can even be a path to a file :)

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  • gc_dreamer_485
    10-24 09:17 AM
    Does anybody here got a rejection becuase of the incorrect filling fee?
    If so can you share the message on the lette which was received along with the rejected application.
    I have received a rejection letter for my spouse with the following message in it.
    "The above application or petition, along with any check or other form of fee payment, is attached. The application or petition cannot be accepted because the proper fee of $1010.00 U.S is not attached. Since the case is not properly filed, a priority or processing date cannot be assigned.

    Please attach a check or money order for this amount and resubmit this entire package to the address listed below. To speed processing, please leave this notice on top."

    Can anyone confirm with me if they got the same message for incorrect filing fee? The message is very ambigious if the filling was incorrect or they did not find the filing fee attached with the application.

    Please reply to this posting with the message they received for rejection of their application or if anybody has any information on this.



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  • Jaime
    09-05 12:52 AM
    i know you are coming - that's why i was reminding you :D

    by updating the profile you will get lobby day announcements etc

    btw i sent you a pm....

    I sent you an pm back!

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  • tessa06
    01-13 04:03 AM

    I am in desperate need of answer to my question and good thing I found this forum.

    I have a boyfriend who was a refugee and so he has a special case green card that doesn't expire. He was 2 yrs. old when he came here but never thought about applying for citizenship. Last year, we decided to go to Philippines this Feb 2011 due to a friend's wedding and vacation. He couldn't apply for passport since he was born in a refugee camp and so he doesn't have a birth certificate. He decided to apply for a I 131 on August. According to the I 797 that he received, received date was Aug. 30, 2010, notice date was Sept. 1, 2010. Since we were expecting to receive the I 131 before our travel date (feb 4th to be exact), we decided to buy the tickets last month (december). He's been calling USCIS about his status and yet, he got the same response as to what is posted when he checks his status online "accepted" which is not very helpful. He asked the customer service rep if he can expedite it and they said, they can't do anything about it. It's very frustrating that we can't get hold of anyone who's really working on his paper. Then somebody told us to try Infopass. He scheduled it today but the earliest date is on Jan. 21st which is like 2 weeks after our scheduled departure. Will that be enough time for them to process it just in case they will just gonna process it by then?

    My other questions are, can Infopass help him with his problem? Can they release his I 131 or refugee travel document by the time of his appointment? According to their processing time, it should take them 3 months and it's been more than 3 months, can we travel without a travel document and without a passport? This is very frustrating and stressful... Your response is very much appreciated..

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  • saiku
    03-10 02:54 PM
    Hi all,

    I have contributed to this site and wanted to raise our profile a little more among the techies of the world. I've submitted a story on (which , like slashdot, is read by hundreds and thousands of techies). Please "digg" the story so it rises up in rank and appears on the front page. This could lead to interested people contributing.

    Here is the link : (search for "legal immigration" or "green card" to see my story post . The story will be posted by "saiko")


    Sai Ramani

    12-11 12:05 PM
    Apparently, no movement for EB3 ROW from November 2006 - April 2007:

    November - 2006: 01AUG02

    April - 2007: 01AUG02

    In May 2007, it jumped to 01AUG03. I hope that there will be a movement in Jan 2009, Feb 2009 VB but looking at the trends it doesn't smee like there will be any.

    I thought they changed their mindset from having no movement most of the year then jumping ahead several years in the last quarter and playing catch up.. this is what got them the 07 fiasco
    but apparently they are repeating the trend
    this no movement for ROW makes no sense at all

    12-16 01:58 PM
    I have a question, with the current retrogression and processing dates what is the time for one to get a green card, given that the labor,I-140 being cleared within months, but what is the overall time to wait. Is the process moving forward or is there any improvement ?.

    If any one can throw some light on it , would be Great.

    Confused Desi,:)

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