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  • myimmiv
    06-08 03:51 PM
    Thanks Elaine for your reply. Yes you are right, it is a substituted labor, but I have raised the concern because my PD is May 2005 which is after PERM came in effect. Hence how did the lawyer use the old (pre PERM) EAT 750B for this labor ?

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  • dskhabra
    11-26 10:04 AM
    My wife is in the same boat. We filed for H1 amendment in the first week of September and online status tells it's done on 20 November. We still have not received documents in mail from USCIS. This was in Vermont. We were told initially that it might take upto 3 months.

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-23 07:41 PM

    As a part of immigrationVoice's efforts, we will need atleast some kind of media coverage to educate others of our problems, and of our efforts.

    We have started our work on this.

    On that note, if you guys have any popular regional/local print/TV/radio media, any names/email/contact, please post it on this thread.

    if you have a phone num/email and not comfortable posting on a public forum, pls send a note to with a subject title "Media" and it will go to the apporpriate people.

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  • gc_on_demand
    06-05 12:40 PM
    Hello Folks

    I am in NJ and my current H1b expires on Nov 2008. My DL expires on Set 2008 . I was under impression that I need atleast 6 months or more valid visa to get licence.

    Company didnot agree to file premium process for H1b. They are saying I have plenty of time and they will apply in Aug . I and we know that now a days it takes more than 3-4 months to get visa.

    Is there a way I can get temporary lic in Nj. lawer was saying I can request 3 month temp lic beased on Notice received from CIS. Is that true ? does any one gone through same in NJ ?



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  • JunRN
    09-21 05:15 PM

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  • Pineapple
    07-27 04:00 PM
    Good work sw33t, but just curious.. why are you opening one thread per state chapter?? Can we restrict this to one thread, and close the rest please? thanks..


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  • mygcstory
    07-22 11:43 PM
    Ok. I get it! Thanks!!

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  • immigrationvoice1
    02-07 04:27 PM
    This requirement has been waived in Nov 2007. Please search Murthy.Com or USCIS.Gov for the memo.


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  • theshiningsun
    08-03 08:57 AM
    hi attorneys,

    can u plz shed some light on this?

    thx in advance,

    hi attorneys,

    which visa can someone apply for it s/he intends to work as a caterer?

    is the J-1 visa applicable for this? if yes what r the eligibility requirements for this visa?

    thx in advance,

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  • lazycis
    10-17 12:06 PM
    Thank you! Hopefully 8c/page is not big money for me.

    All you need is History/Documents report to check upon the status. So that's 8c per case. Opinions are free in PACER.


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  • mn_finch
    04-01 10:36 PM
    My LCA appl has a priority date of June 2004; and so far, Dallas BEC has lost my resent-appl twice. Lawyers failed to retrieve any status after that, and suggested a congressional liaison enquiry into it. If anybody is aware of this enquiry, would you plz let me know? Thanx.

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  • boston_gc
    05-01 03:43 PM

    Is there any specific PERM requirement as to how many days does the job posting need to be posted on a job search website like

    For some reason, I thought that it was required for the job to be posted for at least 30 days but I can't find out the source.


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  • goel_ar
    03-06 06:35 PM
    I-140 approved. I haven't applied for I-140 yet.

    I am looking to move to different position with similar job responsibilities within my company.

    I spoke to company's internal legal dept - and as per them they would require -

    a) My current job responsibilty as filed on GC app
    b) New Job responsibilties from new manager
    c) A note from new manager stating that new job responsibilities are similar to current one.

    With this documentation, I could use my existing I-140 & don't have to file for H1-B, labor & I-140 again.
    Do I need to be concerned for anything else?


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  • ak_2006
    07-08 04:14 PM
    Demand Data Used in the Determination of Employment Preference Cut-Off Dates (Updated 7/8/2010) (


    This means Visa bulletin will come pretty soon. Good Luck to EB2!


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  • ashkam
    08-09 03:19 PM
    But my lawyer chose this. and I already signed the form. Does it really matter? As he stated " Spose has an approved I-140"

    I'm sure you'll be okay. All they want to know is the basis of your eligibility for filing I-485 and choosing (h) and adding this explanation should be fine.

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  • cokeraj
    08-14 08:30 PM
    What's RFE about?

    I just got an email from my attorney that the RFE was for photos. So it doesn't
    sound like something that should stall the 485 processing...But it really depends
    on the process they follow I guess.


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  • roseball
    07-16 10:38 AM
    Anyone has an appointment at OTTAWA on 25th July? I'm from NJ area, willing to join if anybody's driving...

    What appointment??

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  • trump_gc
    07-21 06:35 AM
    I just did that, from Sr sw engr to sr sales conslt. Corporation would not care for details of AC21 , however if and when u send in AC21 letter to USCIS, make sure your job duties match that of ur previous job. rest shd be all cool. The new job u r getting into, is it a big firm and small?

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  • nmdial
    03-11 02:26 PM
    Thanks everyone. I appreciate your help.

    08-01 10:45 AM
    Is A# same as the A# on the Beneficiary field on I-140 approval notice?


    08-06 10:18 AM

    I went to US on B1 and came back to india last week, I would like to apply H1 in the current year. Is there any cooling period to apply H1B once come back from US on B1 or Can I start the H1B process immediately.

    Thanks in Advance.

    - Mani

    Looks like there are companies lined up to recruit you. Could you please publish your CV so that others can copy it?

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