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  • reddymjm
    05-12 08:48 AM
    No difference. You pay more for 1 yr textensions as you have to do 3 times as compared to 3yr extension. No lawyer will advise you to go for 1 yr if you have an approved I140....

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  • Ramba
    04-22 03:55 PM
    Dont count on it. There is very narrow chance. If you opt CP in 140, NVC will send your papers to consulate abroad, only after your PD become current. Consulate will take their own time to arrange the interview. It will take one month to six months after they recive your file from NVC. During that period the PD has to be always current. Consulate takes out visa numbers for CP, only after a successful interview. If your PD retrogress with in a month (like last year fiasco) consulate will not schudle a interview till it become current again. In that case your file will stuck for ever. Therefore, 485 is the best route. CP is the best route, only if the cutoff dates does not flutuate or retrogress back.

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  • jthomas
    06-01 03:08 PM
    Anybody filed your H1 ext yourself? Is it worth it?

    This will be my 12th yr extension. I have the previous extension papers (copies) that the lawyer sent me, so i was thinking i can look at those and draft a new ext myself. But with the latest news of H1 denied for consulting companies, is it worth doing it myself? I have worked for the same client for the last 11 yrs.

    Everybody else would also like to do the same thing. Instead of Paying 3500 dollars to the attorney plus other fees by the employer. I feel its good to do it by yourself. If you have anything wrong USCIS would contact you back and you can reply on those. if it becomes a major thing, then you can hire a attorney.

    I feel someone should post all the steps to file
    1. H1B transfer
    2. EAD
    3. AP
    4. I-485 (As for EB-I it would take a long time)
    5. All other forms

    Its not worth paying the attorneys for such a long time. Let USCIS take the trouble of correcting our errors

    J thomas

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  • Beta_mle
    04-18 07:17 PM
    Thank you Glus. It turns out that the RFE was because the kid had turned 14.


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  • vamsi_poondla
    02-04 08:41 PM
    You can convert GC process to Consular Processing. AFAIK, that is the most lgal way of working outside the country in your situation.

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    02-15 11:50 AM
    You will not have any problems with the move and using your own attorney should not be a problem either.


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  • chanduv23
    04-06 02:29 PM
    Folks - is anyone able to successfully add a new application receipt number into your portfolio at TSC?

    Is anyone able to successfully key in the receipt number and reach customer service via phone at TSC - for a new case?

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  • bkarnik
    09-24 08:36 PM
    OK...I just got an email from my Attorney. It is indeed what she thought. She received our receipts today from the CSC. The receipts have a receipt date of July 23rd and a notice date of September 19th. As to why the CSC sent out the other notice transferring the case back to NSC to me only and not the Attorney...that is a mystery. She plans to speak to our State Senator and hopefully get some answers.


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  • tinamatthew
    07-21 03:37 PM
    no?? What's your question if I may ask please

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  • Libra
    10-03 03:36 PM
    so is that mean yours is EB2 oct 2005 pd? i hope your prediction become true, bcoz mine is mar 2005 EB2 :-))


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  • terryc
    02-07 12:24 PM
    Ah ok thx for this tip !
    I think i will let the Initialize component alone in this case :)

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  • anurag
    04-05 11:19 AM
    My wife went to US consulate in Kuwait for her H4 stamping on Feb 18th. During the interview she was informed that some administrative process on their end was not completed and asked to pay for the DHL service and was told that she would be contacted by DHL who would collect her passport, get the visa stamped and return it to her. She was also told that it should not take more than 2 weeks.. On her application form, the interviewer wrote NO PIM.

    Since then it has been a harrowing time for us. It has been 6 weeks, since then and we still have not heard anything. We have tried contacting the consulate using phone, email and at times my wife personally went to the consulate but she was not allowed to enter. We do not hear anything back from them.

    I can understand a couple of weeks, but now its more than 6 weeks and counting. We have already cancelled her and my son's flight tickets once. We have rescheduled my son's doctor's appointment. This delay is having a domino effect on our lives.

    My question is - Is there anything that we can do to expedite this process.

    Thank you looking at this thread


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  • BharatPremi
    09-20 09:16 PM
    "Na Koi Umang Hai, Na Koi Tarang Hai".. "Meri Zindgi hai kya Kati Patang Hai" :mad:

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  • vik123
    12-15 12:34 PM


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  • krishmunn
    10-17 01:30 PM
    First thing you need to understand is there is nothing called sponsoring a visa. You are basically saying that you will pay for their trip.
    If they have enough fund, it is better if they say that they will pay for the trip themself.
    As for other documents establishing ties, VO mostly does not ask for additional docs. They rely heavily on what is written in DS-160 and on the interview. If they have other children in India, it is best to carry a family photograph. Also, ask them to answer to the point ... who is in India, who is in US, what they do, etc.

    Good luck

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  • meridiani.planum
    01-22 03:10 AM

    I have spent over 3 years in US. Can I file for H1B extension based on 6 years window for H1B visa. My situation is I am in India and the company is filing this fro me in US.
    What are the chances of getting this extension approved?

    1. I have maintained a legal status for 3 years during my stay in US.
    2. 221g was the problem I couldnt get back to States.
    3. 221g got cleared but my I 797 got expired and old company withdrew H1B extension.
    4. Now one company is helping me with H1B extension based on my case as detailed above.

    Pls advice about the possibility of getting this H1B extension. I am kind of waiting on this for long.


    It should get approved. Seems like a standard H1 case, why do you think there might be a problem?


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  • H1b_to_GC
    06-04 10:59 AM
    What did you attorney tell you to do?

    I emailed attorney and waiting for reply.

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  • waitingonlc
    02-19 06:27 PM
    'Comprehensive' Legislation vs. Fundamental Reform: The Limits of Current Immigration Proposals
    By Marc R. Rosenblum
    Migration Policy Institute, MPI Policy Brief No. 13, January 2006

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  • mhtanim
    09-18 12:50 PM
    Fedex usually does not deliver to PO Box addresses. I am assuming Fedex delivered your package to the actual address instead of the PO Box. I would check with Fedex if the package was delivered.

    Fedex delivers thousands of packages everyday to that address. I think you should be fine.

    09-05 01:15 PM
    Thanks very much for your answer. i have one more question :)
    what should be correct answer for following question:

    Have you made any specific plans?

    If i select Yes, then it gives following option:
    'intended date of arrival to US' and intended date to return back from US'

    If i select No, then it gives following option:
    'intended date of arrival to US'

    09-17 06:35 PM
    hi all !!
    my husband concurently file I-140 and I-485 (along with EAD and AP) on 22nd June 2007. We got our I-140 approved on 30th August. I have two questions

    1. When can i expect my EAD ?
    2. Is there any rule that i shud start working within some stipulated time after getting my EAD or i can take my own time ?
    1. it should take another week or 10 days...

    2. you could start when you want....

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