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  • cox
    February 5th, 2005, 12:42 AM
    The first one is best, since you got the eye. The focus seems just a little soft, though. The eye is the key to getting the viewer to connect with the animal, IMHO, and if you get the eye in sharp, a little softness elsewhere will not really hurt the shot. It's hard to get these little guys though, and the color is fantastic.

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  • sreenu530
    05-10 10:44 AM
    Hi all,

    My h1 extension was denied recently even after 140 was approved and I filed for MTR...and am waiting for the receipt number...i am in my 5th year on h1b...and i did nor apply for 485 yet..

    my employer/attorney also said i can be here for 180 days...

    can i change my status to F1 - study visa during this period.

    My h1b and i94 expired last month....april 13
    what are the other options....

    any leads will be helpful..


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  • gc_buddy
    03-07 02:10 PM
    Hi All,

    We have applied for 485 in July 2007(SELF+SPOUSE+KID). Bcoz of the issue with Fee, my son's 485 packet was sent back. Meanwhile, me and my spouse got our FP notices and we did them at nearest ASC.

    My Lawyer corrected the fee and sent my son's 485 back to USCIS and was accepted. I got his reciept numbers in Dec 1st week. My son is 16 months old and we did not recieve his FP notices yet.

    Do we receieve FP notices irrespective of the age or do we have any relaxation of kids under a certain age..Any one has any experiance..please share..Appreciate it..

    Thanks Everyone !

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  • ds37
    01-27 04:34 PM
    Quarterly spil over will not happen untill overall demand is met
    Let me know if my interpretaion is wrong.

    "The American Competitiveness in the
    Twenty-First Century Act (AC21) removed the per-country limit in any calendar quarter in
    which overall applicant demand for Employment-based visa numbers is less than the total of
    such numbers available"




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  • Mount Soche
    05-09 04:38 PM
    number is high so if i don't get current in the next few bulletins, i lose out for this fiscal year.

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  • jettu77
    09-28 02:51 PM
    Do we need to have the original receipt notices.

    I asked my attorney and he said that the copies would be fine.
    He sent me scanned receipt notices via e-mail and says that it will
    be fine and not ready to send the originals for some reason.

    Can you guys think of any reason attorney not willing to give the original receipt notices?



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  • Ann Ruben
    02-11 08:58 PM
    Hi Vinod,

    As a practical matter, you probably want to file your wife's I-485 application as soon as possible after the first day of the month in which your PD becomes current. As you know from experience, PD's can and do retrogress dramatically with little or no notice.

    If your wife is in H4 status on the date that your GC is approve, she will automatically fall out of status. She can remain out of status for up to 180 days without losing eligibility to file for AOS, but if the PD retrogresses before she files, she has to wait and hope that your PD becomes current before 180 days have passed.

    If your wife changes status to E-3 she can still file her I-485 when your PD becomes current. But,
    E-3 status, unlike H-1 status, requires non-immigrant intent. So, theoretically, if your wife changes to E-3 status and then files the I-485 within 60 days, an allegation of immigration fraud could be made and possibly result in denial of her I-485.


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  • India_USA
    12-16 09:10 AM
    ask your question in the conference call tonight with the attorney - link is available in the homepage


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  • cilantro
    11-28 08:39 AM
    My wife has H4 stamped and valid till Nov 2008 but from Oct 2007 she changed her status to H1B. She has I797. My question is when she goes to India does she need to stamp H1 B or she can reenter on already stamped H4 ?
    Please Let me know this information.

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  • a_paradkar
    07-15 11:55 AM
    I just called USCIS to check the status of my case and the Immigration Officer said it is in EB-1 category. I know my case is EB-2.

    I asked the IO to see if i have send any paperwork to rectify their mistake, but she said USCIS will automatically adjust the category whe it picks up the case for review

    I am confused. Please Advice

    PD: Aug 2005
    EB2 - I
    140 receipt says 203(b)(2)
    140 Approved


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  • GC9180
    05-08 07:57 AM
    same here, they stamped and returned back the one copy i showed

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  • dsneyog
    01-15 09:12 AM
    I am planning to contact my district senator to help expedite my AP application.

    If you have used such help before how you approached it. Did you call directly or sent email?
    I just donno if I should write an email giving entire details or just be brief.



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  • Blog Feeds
    05-20 01:30 PM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following: guards are not known to be the friendliest people in Federal service. The immigration attorneys at Fong & Chun in Los Angeles routinely hear stories of border guards shouting at aliens who are telling the truth, bluntly telling aliens, "you are lying to me," or asking in a hostile manner, "why are you lying to me?" The border guards do this, even when they do not really think someone is lying. They do it to destabilize or disturb the alien, to get the alien to make an error or say something wrong. Basically, it is a trap.

    Recently, Alan Bersin (, the commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection ( -- the head of all the border guards -- told Congress ( that he did not know he was required to fill out and keep Federal paperwork to verify that his household employees had the right to work in the USA.

    Bersin is the head of US Customs and Border Protection.

    Bersin is a former California Secretary of Education.

    Bersin is a former US Attorney.

    Bersin went to Harvard and Yale.

    Bersin says he had no idea he had to follow the law?

    Why is he lying to us?


    More... (

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-31 11:29 AM
    My employer will not withdraw my I-140. Should I still go ahead with AC21 or should I just do change of address with USCIS?
    I will be starting my new job pretty soon. Any useful suggestions appreciated.


    First, its a very very wrong assumption that your employer will not withdraw I-140. Sometimes even if they don't want to, to comply with govt. regulations they gotta do it.

    I would suggest not to get into a situation where you have to invoke AC21 till clouds are clear.

    Please do visit:

    Also, don't forget to mail.


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  • Mahatma
    07-25 08:36 AM
    Dear friends,

    I received card production e-mail today.

    My PD June 2007, RD Oct 2007. No REFEs. EB1 India.

    Thanks for all the help and good counsel.

    Lesson from this experience: Learn to handle delays. Take things in your stride. Do not make GC as end of your life. We can work anywhere and be happy, though US is a preferred destination.

    In this process, I made so many friends and learned to heed others views and good advice.

    Will continue to work for IV.

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  • TomPlate
    07-05 02:10 PM
    All can file I-485 now. please go through this link.
    Did you got this news from where how when everybody asking?????


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  • kirupa
    04-22 04:55 PM
    I really like your last two entries! :beam:

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  • pr02
    10-27 06:01 PM
    May be they should work on my 485 which is still in Initial review (per USCIS web site) and has not had a LUD change in an year.

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  • leo2606
    01-07 12:54 PM
    LUD means basically nothing.

    I got FP done, got EAD and got Ap by October 2007. I have 3 LUDs each on mine and my wife's 485 since 01/04/2008.I just called TSC and the IO said no change in the case.

    10-19 10:38 AM
    If you can wait would be good. You won't believe my parents visa was rejected cause there was no visa stamp on my passport. So its all depend on visa officer how educated they are.
    Delhi consulate specially now a days following every rule + undefined rules. Good Luck

    02-14 07:38 AM
    Any ideas or suggessions on why EB2 priority dates dint move forward even this month? As per earlier discussions the VISA numbers are now getting released every 3 months instead of every year. So we should have seen some movement every 3 months. But since October'06 it has only advanced twice once in Nov'06 by 6 months and then in Dec'06 by 7 days and after that it seems to have got stuck at 8th Jan 03 . New numbers were supposed to be released in January. But no idea what happened and it's stuck there.

    Any of you have any idea on this ?

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