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  • sk.aggarwal
    07-08 10:11 AM
    If you resigned, then I dont think company is liable for any severance. I work for a bank and they have a policy that they consider attrition due to visa issues (like unable to extend H1 etc) as termination for employment. They pay severance only for displacements which happens due to lay offs. I may be wrong and policy might be different in your company but just my 2 cents.

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  • nkavjs
    10-31 10:01 AM
    With a newborn at home, this was a crucial decision for me, if I used EAD (with same employer) I could work minimum hours like 10-20 hours a week. I just wanted to be sure that at the time of GC processing, my less hours worked shd not be taken as an objection.
    Thanks again :)

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  • cmozla
    06-29 03:29 PM
    My case: NIW 140 approved, PD 2006/10, now 485 pending. But I am leaving USA to another country for a permanent job. I am not sure if I should withdraw the 485 or just convert it to CP.
    1. Will it be possible for me to get the green card thru CP if I get interviewed and can't show any ties with USA? Can I enter USA during CP? I hope to have green card in case I don't like my new job and come back to US someday. But I may just cancel 485 in order to affect the least my future visiting visa application. Suggestions?

    2. I am on H1 now, but H1 will expire 1 month before I leave USA. So I understand that I can stay legally on AOS for the one month, true? Do I need to do anything for switching from H1 to AOS? Again, I need to come back to USA for business/visiting, so I want to do everything right not to harm my future non-immigrant visa application.

    Thanks a lot for your inputs!

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  • mrsr
    07-19 10:30 AM
    exactly , thats y i tried to make a poll and bring it under one thread , but seems i forgot to make it open poll , so cant see who is polling .. any idea how to edit the poll ? can any one of the moderators make this poll viewable .. i dont have the option to edit poll it seems .

    there are gazillion bazillion threads for july filers. Can we have one thread only.



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  • yahoo1234
    06-12 05:16 PM

    I am currently on STEM OPT and have lost my job. I have an offer from Company A but they are not willing to enroll into the eVerify system. To bypass this, they suggested that I take up employment with a consulting firm B (who is enrolled in eVerify) and then work on company A's project as a contractor through firm B. Would this be legally OK? I heard that even though I would be on company B's payroll, company A should still be registered with eVerify.

    Can someone please advice on what is the legal requirement??

    Thanks in Advance!

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  • msadiqali
    08-31 11:09 AM
    rfe for me was to give new job offer letter.
    i submitted one two years back. now they had asked for the same thing again,


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  • khyati
    03-14 10:01 AM

    I am in a big fix by not getting jobs. I cant find a job in pharma company nor anyone to sponsor me for H1b.I am on H4 visa rightnow and want suggestions for wht i should do to get job and H1b visa. can someone suggest me how should i proceed with this.


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  • kumar1981
    09-18 10:15 AM
    Any inputs guyz!


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-24 04:40 PM
    Judge Susan Bolton, who heard arguments this week on the first of the Arizona lawsuits, has narrowed the issues she is considering blocking before the law takes effect next week. Some sections that are not in dispute, such as the provisions on day laborers, will take effect on the scheduled date. More controversial provisions, such as those allowing police to enforce immigration laws and the criminalization of illegal immigration status under Arizona law.

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/07/judge-considering-partial-injunction-in-arizona-case.html)

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  • gc_on_demand
    08-07 10:03 AM
    Notice Receipt of old I 140 should be attached.


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  • martinvisalaw
    07-17 11:45 AM
    You should move this to the Immigrant Visa forum for more responses.

    You should notify CIS that you have changed address and ask that the interview be rescheduled. Hopefully you filed the AR-11, change of address forms, with CIS when you moved

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  • headless_pnub
    08-18 05:23 AM
    Very impressive for your first try. Nice.


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  • JBattwann
    12-17 06:54 PM
    hi all,

    I've found myself in abit of a predicament. My application for H1B extension is still pending (filed in September) and all I have right now is a Notice of Action from the immigration department.

    While waiting, I have been laid off this week... I intend to return back to my home country before my last day (Dec 31).

    My question is: Would I be able to make a round trip? That is to say, come back to the US on a tourist visa a week after I got home? I need to come back to sell what I own here and settle other things.

    A friend told me that it is better to overstay for however long (maybe an extra week, I don't plan on too long) I need to get my things in order than try to take the chance of coming back. What do you think?

    I appreciate any advice you can give.


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  • mani2977
    04-16 11:32 AM

    I 'm on H1-B visa already max out and got the extension for 7 th year based on perm pending.
    Petition is going to expire in Sep 2011 and last week my perm got denied.
    My employer is going to appeal for the perm and also going to apply H1B extension.

    Also I got an offer from other employer waited long time for this exiting offer. Not sure what are my options now , is it possible to take the new opportunity or should I stick with my current employer to deal with this issue?

    Looking for suggestions ASAP , thanks


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  • ameryki
    12-19 07:54 PM
    Hi All,
    I am planning to r2i in the near future. EB-3 India (PD Nov 2005). I will be transfering with the same company that filed my GC to India. Is there anyway for me to keep my application alive?

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  • Blog Feeds
    01-14 08:20 AM
    When I was growing up, Canadian-born Rich Little was about the only impressionist I could name. Come to think of it, he's still one of the only people most people can name in this niche area of comedy. Sure, Saturday Night Live has had great comedians over the years who have done great impressions (Dana Carvey is probably my favorite), but they're not primarily known as impressionists. At 71, Little has just become a naturalized US citizen. When asked what the first thing he was going to do when he was an American, he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal "Collect...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2010/01/immigrant-of-the-day-rich-little-impressionist.html)


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  • roshnichowdhry
    02-03 02:49 PM

    Can someone tell me a little bit about visitor visa validity dates. For eg: if my parents got a 3 month visa, is it valid from the date it is issued or from the date of entry into the US?


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  • indiausgcholder
    02-21 11:02 PM

    I'm GC holder and i've applied for reentry permit and the validity is 2 yrs.
    I've been living in INDIA for the past 10 months and now i want to go back to US.
    I'd been filing my taxes and all but was not working for any US company for the past 10 months.
    Will there be any issues at the POE when i return to US?..Usually POE officer asks the questions like where do you work and what was the reason you went to INDIA..

    Is it Ok to tell the officer that i'm not working?

    Please share your thoughts

    Thanks in advance

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  • petepatel
    09-01 01:40 AM
    filed I140/I485/I765 on Aug 6
    recieved on Aug 10

    No Receipts
    No Checks Cashed

    04-14 07:04 AM
    :) IV goes international !!!

    07-21 05:34 AM
    Another one.
    I quite like these brushes, that's why im using them everywhere:D

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