Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • pappu
    02-19 10:08 AM

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  • virens
    12-09 01:54 AM
    I got an email from USCIS saying my I-485 case is now transferred to National Benefits Centre and is now pending standard processing at a USCIS office.
    I am travelling to India currently and plan to re-enter on AP.

    I wanted to know if
    1. anyone has any ideas as to what this really means, anyone received similar email, experiences?
    My priority date is not current so are they pre-adjudicating my case or planning to send a RFE??

    2. Should I take any specific steps while re-entering on AP?


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  • ameryki
    04-19 06:42 PM
    mate I have read in other threads around this forum that you can use your AP for as many times as you chose too.

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  • dirtyfellaw2
    07-09 01:18 PM
    Please advice when to file AC21

    1) prior to joining new company
    2) Soon after joinng the new company?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • GotGC??
    11-28 07:06 PM
    I just got a CRIS notification that for my case and my wife's case "Card production has been ordered".

    Does that mean our I-485 has been approved?

    I'm from India, EB2, PD Mar 16 2003

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  • Jaime
    08-31 11:06 AM
    We should think of starting this thread to organize bus rides from Texas. If we use U.S. Coachways, which is in most major cities, we could potentially have buses leave from the major metros (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin) or two or more buses leaving Houston and San Antonio in the south and picking up more people as they make their way north to Dallas and Austin. Beyond Texas, the buses could also pick people up in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, etc, or other states depending on the routes. Also, a great and reliable local Dallas bus company is "Buses by Bill"

    Any thoughts guys?


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  • KKtexas
    12-08 11:28 AM
    Hi All,
    I have already moved to AC21 with one of the big firm and now I am planning to move to Small Company. My job duties will remain same and salary will be greater than my labor filled wages. Questions I have are,

    1.Does it matter size of new company in terms of money or number employee for continuing my GC process ?.

    2. In case of RFE, Will there be question on Ability to Pay on new small company?

    Thanks for your time.


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  • newbie2020
    03-16 05:58 PM
    We have seen so much of visa retrogression all along.....I was thinking of the July fiasco...after effects....Just when i was thinking of How DOS advances the dates. It is really erratic...since they have no clue on the number of pending applications. While they want to advance the dates faster when they know USCIS will not be consuming all the 140K quota so they can have their overseas consulates process some of them in July it turned completely different More people opted for AOS v/s CP.... Wouldn't it make sense for them to have 2 different cutoff dates ?? 1 for USCIS and 2 for Overseas consulates . How will this help ? They can advance the dates more accurately. How does that affect the people already in USCIS queue...They can either choose to change AOS to CP. and since the dates are different on CP (better than that of AOS) this will make new people file more CP than AOS while a number of folks in uscis queue to move the CP route and hence relieve the pressure on USCIS. There will certainly be some disadvantages No EAD/AP etc when one goes the CP route v/s AOS but the wait will be minimal....

    Again just a thought....


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  • amitps
    09-11 03:17 PM
    We are not here to predict things..

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  • dreamgc_real
    04-14 09:06 AM
    I have not yet filed my I-485 and my employer is laying off employees. should I be worried? and to be on the safe side what should my next steps be.
    Please help


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  • cladden
    02-23 03:33 PM
    I have a copy of Nolo Fiance and marriage Visas and in the section on I130 it says that my copies of G-325A must be filed in four copies printed on differently colored paper (white, green, pink and blue).

    A) Is this really necessary?
    B) If yes, I have actually bought paper in these colors. Does it have to a particular pink, blue, green etc?
    C) The pages in the PDF are actually named
    1) Ident.
    2) Rec. Br
    3) C.
    4) Consulate

    Which color matches which index? E.g. is the Ident one supposed to be white, blue, pink or green?

    Hope someone knows about this.


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  • feedfront
    10-13 02:04 PM
    Yes, even primary applicant can work on EAD & 1099. But in case RFE is issued for EVL the primary applicant should have permanent full time position.

    I've worked on EAD & 1099 during job switch phase.


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  • Macaca
    07-20 07:56 AM
    Breakdown in Relations in the Senate Hobbles Its Ability to Get Things Done ( By CARL HULSE ( New York Times, July 20, 2007

    WASHINGTON, July 19 � Arlen Specter is a senior United States senator who expects to be allowed his say on the Senate floor. So he bristled when Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, brusquely cut him off at the end of the Iraq debate.

    �The leadership is setting a dictatorial tone,� Mr. Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, said Thursday, still furious over his treatment the day before. �Senators didn�t get here to be pushed around.�

    It may seem small-minded to bicker over a few words at the end of a 24-hour debate. But the clash between the two veteran senators is evidence of a larger breakdown in relations in the Senate, a deterioration in cooperation that is hobbling the Senate�s ability to get things done. The situation is not likely to improve with a presidential election on the horizon.

    As the cots were rolled away and lawmakers left for a decent night�s rest after the around-the-clock debate that ended � like others this year � in stalemate, lawmakers of both parties said they had rarely seen the tone so poisonous and the willingness to work together on the floor at such a low ebb.

    �The last vestiges of courtesy seem to be going out the window,� said Senator Trent Lott, the Mississippi Republican who has served as majority and minority leader. �Every time I think the Senate � Republican or Democrat � has gone to a point where you can�t go any lower, we go lower.�

    It is hardly startling that members of the two parties do not see eye to eye. And the spirit of bipartisanship in the Senate always rises and falls depending on the subject and the election calendar. But seven months into the new Democratic regime, the environment seems unusually hostile. Occasionally, senators do, too, as exhibited in a Sunday television exchange between Senators Jim Webb, Democrat of Virginia, and Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, that looked for a moment as if it might turn physical as the two men argued about the war in Iraq.

    The angry attacks nearly spiraled out of control Thursday night as the two parties lobbed political bombs at each other during the windup of work on an otherwise popular higher education measure.

    After Republicans brought forward proposals intended to embarrass Democrats on terror detainees and union elections, Democrats countered with a resolution urging President Bush not to pardon I. Lewis Libby Jr., a former top White House aide. Republicans struck back with a resolution deploring the pardons issued by President Bill Clinton.

    The floor descended into chaos as members of the two parties glowered at one another across the aisle. Evidently recognizing they had gone too far, party leaders pulled back and agreed to try to finish the education bill as Democrats struck their Libby proposal from the record.

    Hard feelings have consequences. Without agreements between the leaders of the opposing parties, the Senate has been plunged into a procedural knife fight, with Democrats forced to scramble to find 60 votes not just on contentious issues like an Iraq withdrawal plan, but on once-routine matters like motions to proceed to a spending bill.

    The feuding has spilled into subjects that would seem to hold the potential for common ground, like antiterror legislation and lobbying reform, and will doubtless tie up other measures to come.

    Democrats contend that Republicans have embarked on a strategy of delay, using Senate rules to chew up scarce legislative time and deny Democrats any accomplishments. Republicans complain that Democrats are trying to jam through objectionable bills and are mainly interested in building a political case for 2008. The relationship between Mr. Reid and his Republican counterpart, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, has cooled after it was initially thought the two Senate tacticians would be able to do business.

    Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who has been in the Senate for more than four decades, said he was not sure bipartisanship was at an all-time low, but acknowledged things were tense.

    �The fact the Senate is so evenly divided makes big causes out of smaller events,� Mr. Kennedy said.

    Besides the narrow 51-49 majority Democrats enjoy, lawmakers and others attribute what senators deplore as a lack of comity to various reasons, including the emotions surrounding the Iraq war debate, a Republican payback for Democratic stalling in recent years and pure political maneuvering in a hot-house environment.

    Mr. Reid on Thursday blamed Republican ideology, saying the Senate�s conservative contingent was unwilling to swallow legislation sought by most Americans.

    �Republicans in the Senate do not represent mainstream Republicans around the country,� he said.

    Members of both houses have been contending for years that the sort of personal interaction that can lead lawmakers to overcome partisan differences has been on the decline, leaving Congress polarized.

    But Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Specter and others say they find that committee leaders still tend to be able to work together. And a bipartisan group of senior lawmakers put together the Senate�s immigration proposal, though it went down in flames to the broader political divide in Congress.

    Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee who has been in the heat of the battle over the Iraq legislation, said he did not believe feelings were frayed beyond repair.

    �The Senate is a unique place where wills are tested, and this was a very important issue that people have very strong feelings on,� he said, referring to the Iraq debate. �Instead of fighting over it physically, there are battles that are fought on the floor of the Senate. But these are important disagreements and they should be aired.

    �Isn�t that what we are here for?�

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  • Blog Feeds
    08-10 12:00 PM
    The US Chamber of Commerce is seeking a review by the nation's highest court of the Arizona law that calls for the revocation of business licenses for employers found to have knowingly hired illegally present immigrants and also mandates all employers in the state use E-Verify. The case could settle the basic question of what authority a state or local government has in regulating immigration.

    More... (


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  • webm
    09-24 12:13 PM
    Its not a simple mistake,,that leads to lot of confusion for the readers..its unbelievable least they should have corrected it by now as US Visa bulletin Oct09 released..:mad:

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  • wandmaker
    12-24 09:50 PM
    I got H1 this year. I was applied my ssn on oct 9 th. still i didn't get my ssn number. two days back ssn people called and told that "in online it is showing your EAd card. so we can give u ssn if you bring the EAD card". My question is if i give my EAD, will the h1 get cancelled. please suggest me.

    Dont worry, showing EAD to SSA office will not cancel or invalid your H1B. Goto SSA office and tell them you have both H1B as well as EAD.


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  • Blog Feeds
    11-01 01:10 AM
    Former EBay CEO Meg Whitman is one of the leading contenders for the GOP nomination to succeed Arnold Schwarzeneger as governor of California. She's also just shown a little courage and made clear that she supports immigration reform that includes a path to legalization for the country's illegal immigrants. While the majority of voters in the state - indeed, across the country - support what Whitman is advocating, winning a GOP primary and being pro-immigration could be tougher.

    More... (

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  • a_paradkar
    07-27 09:27 AM
    I am currently working for Company A and would like to join company B on EAD. I have a valid EAD and would use it to switch over.

    My question is

    1. what document's are needed to send to USCIS for AC 21 for/from company B.
    2. Do I need to send any documents?

    Thanks for you

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  • royus77
    07-17 07:32 PM
    Is it from receipt date based on receipt notice OR filing date( actual date when USCIS received your 485 package)?
    Its the USCIS receipt date . July 2 flyers started already countung days to use AC 21\\\\\\Also close the thread as some one already discusiing the same issue

    07-25 01:00 PM
    Hi All,

    I am applying my Labor on EB2 tomorrow (07/26/2007). Is there any glim chacne for me to get the approval before 08/14/2007? I am going through Atlanta. Please let me know how long is the average time to get the cetification from atlanta center. (One of my friend applied on 07/17/07 and got the LC on 07/23/07 from atlanta center).

    Thanks All.

    You could take a look at Track it. It will give you an idea of Atlanta backlogs . You could have a very good chance at Chicago though . Your friend was one in a million lucky and you could be one too .

    01-22 07:20 PM
    Lets see what these fanatics have to say regarding fanatics

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