Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • uma001
    10-11 09:15 PM
    when did you file for H1? I am trying to figure out how many days gap was there between your H1 submission and project start date.

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  • WillIBLucky
    12-11 11:00 AM
    Once you are a member aren't you automatically registring yourself to your state too?

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  • immi2006
    07-22 02:23 AM
    Given the fact that we have a sum total of all Applications in the system :
    We should have a pretty good idea soon how the PD would stand.

    We should be able to fill in a quick poll to see how the numbers get split up with our members to get a rough idea of the % age wait. The goal is, most folks now are aware of IV and atleast visit IV frequently. They should be able to add 1 unit to the count, so we have a rough idea of the wait times to calculate to understand realistically How long to wait for the GC Visa # allotment.

    We have waited long enough on BEC

    Myself : Same Employer since 1998 till now :
    BEC - EB2 Dec 2000, (Recd on June 18 2007)
    PERM EB2 Dec 2006 (Recd on June 1 2007)
    Filed 140 + 485 on July 2 2007

    Associate Prof :
    Wife : EB2 - Jan 2003 (BEC )
    We are filing each as Primary but adding each other as dependents.
    Filed 140 + 485 on July 2 2007

    India : EB 2
    2001 - BEC ---- Approx
    2002 - BEC ---- Approx
    2003 - BEC ---- Approx
    2004 - BEC ---- Approx
    2005 - BEC ---- Approx
    2005 - PERM ----
    2006 - PERM ---- Approx
    2007 - PERM ----

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  • viz
    02-01 10:29 PM
    I am wondering about exact same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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  • r2d2
    04-27 04:11 PM

    I have been a GC holder for the past two years. I obtained the GC through employment but lost my job 3 months ago.

    I am planning to leave Boston, spend a month in Canada and relocate in CA when I return to the USA. I will be driving out of the US to Canada during the first week of May 2010, spending a month in Canada and then coming to California early June 2010 by plane with my LPR status.

    I will use the on-line change of address tool before traveling to Canada to let the USCIS know of my new permanent address in California. I already have a place to live in California.

    My questions are:
    1) Should I expect to go through some problems at the airport when going through the custom?
    2) Will they ask me if I am employed?
    3) Should I let the USCIS know of my new permanent address just 10 days before I go to California, or earlier?

    Any advice?

    Thank you

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  • tempgc
    09-25 12:38 PM
    Can an AILA member post contents of this doc.

    # 9/24/2009 DOS Provides Background on Visa Allocation Process
    As all employment-based visas have been allocated for FY2009, Charles Oppenheim, Chief, Immigrant Control and Reporting Division Visa Services Office, provides an explanation on how the Department of State allocates visas through its Immigrant Visa Allocation Management System (IVAMS). AILA Doc. No. 09240920.

    AILA - Restricted Access Page (


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  • monkeyman
    10-19 11:44 AM
    BUMP - Please comment

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  • mgakhar
    02-28 11:28 AM
    I had posted a similar question a few weeks back and here is the link to it. I followed leoindiano's advice and got my FP notice just y'day ...

    Hope this helps.



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  • elaiyam
    10-08 08:12 AM
    Yes.. you can.

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  • kirupa
    04-16 01:38 AM
    The Z in Zelda seems a bit too hard to read. Have you considered using a more top-down view of Zelda from a game like Link to the Past? That might work better.


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  • mohan517
    11-09 04:38 PM

    My wife came to US on H4 and changed to F1 status thru COS. She is doing Masters 2nd semester and went for F1 visa stamping this week in India. She got 221(g) pink slip asking explain her projects, plans afer study etc. Visa officier withheld her passport and I20.
    BTW the way I am on H1B and provided all the financial support documents.
    I searched the online didnt any F1 getting 221(g) pink.

    1)If anyone else got this for F1 please share your experiences and any tips.

    2)How long it takes after repsonding to thier queries

    3)what are the chances getting visa after getting 221(g) pink

    4) Do you suggest getting any professional in drafting the reponse to te queries.. if so do you know any one in Hyderabad, India


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  • qualified_trash
    07-12 01:12 PM
    Does your employer do all the work or the lawyer?

    All H1 extensions are now processed in California (I think). So you should get the WAC number (EAC-Vermont,LIN-Nebraska,WAC-California,SRC-Texas). And my employer's lawyer sent the application end of may (31st I think) and we received a notice dated June 8th.


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  • wait_2010
    08-18 04:21 PM
    Thanks Raj for the immediate reply.

    But just in case if I want to have all my I - 94s where can I get them. Just in case if I have missed them.


    I dont think you will need them . I am also filing premium 140 and lawyer has nOT asked for all I94s ..ONly the recent one..Dont worry much if you dont have all of them

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  • a2k2
    06-15 08:01 PM
    Yes I did send a copy of her I-485.


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  • chi_shark
    12-10 02:41 PM
    I am told by my lawyers that the likelihood of a second RFE is "very slim". This is because apparently, USCIS will only send RFE if they dont have some information about you such as where you work and such. Once they have procedurally collected information (as they seem to have in your case), they might not come asking for the same info again...

    but - as you stated in your question... there is no way to tell for sure...

    sorry if this does not help.


    I received RFE (employment verification letter) from USCIS, texas center two years ago. I was still employed by the company who filed my GC application at that time. So the company replied and my case status was updated. But my PD was not current, so my case is still pending until now.

    I lost job recently, if my PD became current in early 2010, will USCIS EVL me again?

    I know no one can predict how USCIS works. I just want to check if anyone had experience that was checked employment status twice?



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  • Waitng4GC
    03-25 09:32 AM
    it is around $27 and I got both H1 and EAD.


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  • sareesh
    09-22 02:55 PM
    sibling of US citizens for Philippines -> 1987. Looks like EB3 I will catch up.
    what if the sibling dies? will they recapture that Visa?

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  • dbevis
    December 3rd, 2003, 10:21 AM
    Nikon today announced the new D70 digital SLR camera. The D70 at $999.00 is Nikon's answer to Canon's 300D. Read the press release here (

    You really have to hunt around to find it mentioned on their site - wierd.

    No mention of it's sensor size, presumably 1.5 crop like the D2H. A pricebreakthrough - for Nikon - but I don't see much else of interest. Another DX-format tele-zoom coming. Yawn.

    Available "spring 2004"? Seems dumb to put it off that long - so there must be some more development work yet to do. I guess that aligns with PMA, though.

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  • harrydr
    09-11 11:52 PM
    My understanding is in current times, you cannot file I-140 and I-485 concurrently. Did you file your I-140 and I-485 together in 2008?

    07-19 05:41 PM
    not necessarily

    09-23 07:28 PM
    Just read this on another forum.....

    Where does that put us considering the house bill didn't even make it to markup today?

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