Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • willgetgc2005
    04-03 01:50 PM

    Is PERM filed online only or it can be filed by snail mail as well ?

    If is filed online, does the attorney get the receipt number immediately ?

    If it is filed by snail mail, how long does it take for the attorney to get the receipt number ?

    Your response is greatly appreciated.


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  • funguy29
    11-25 04:25 PM
    Thank you for replying. One more follow up question: Is acting without pay considered work and hence a violation ? Thanks in advance.

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  • gsmc98
    08-06 03:10 PM
    Me and my husband(primary applicant) filed our I 485, I 765, and I 131. Recieved by USCIS on 06/29/2007. our lawyer recently got our reciept nos. my husband got a notice saying FP fee rejected and has been asked to re submit the fee,when, in fact all our checks have already been cashed.all of my notices say case recieved and question is ,with my husband's case in suspense, will my application be also with held or will USCIS go ahead with my application. I am the dependant spouse in this case. please respond. Thank you.

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  • gman
    04-28 09:30 PM
    My wife is currently in the US and since my PD is current we need to file her I-485. We are trying to self file and would like to know what documents do we need to provide to prove that she successfully fullfilled her 2 year home residency requirement (HRR). She left the US in January 15, 2006 and came back on H4 in February 8, 2008.

    The fact that she was granted H4 visa implies that she has fullfilled the 2 year HRR but our attorney said that she needs to prove that my wife did indeed fullfill this requirement.

    Has anyone been in this position?

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • dealsnet
    11-12 08:22 PM
    No. You can't do anything other than H1B job.
    Hello Folks,

    I am on H1-B and have an EAD. My Dad is a builder in Hyderabad and I want to promote the apartments in US. Can I rent an office space and just do marketing without registering a business? All sales will be completed in India.

    Thanks for your advice,

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  • insbaby
    11-07 06:27 AM
    He missed the important path of "EB3-I".

    He should have put one more path for EB3-I that ends like

    "the petitioner is 154 years old, or dead taken to crematory by his/her great grand children while the application is in pending..."


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  • vkishore123
    07-21 09:01 PM
    Thank you Sir,

    Do you think if she cancels her interview, she can go to the interview again after sometime, without affecting her future prospects of getting a GC.

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  • rsdang
    01-07 11:42 AM
    My wife had that stamped in blank passport an year and half back and had no issues...

    She had all the documents

    Copy of
    my 797
    my passport
    my H1B visa
    Proof of marriage
    Letter from me stating I will support her and that she will live with me in US
    My bank statements (last 3 months)
    A letter of support from my employer

    nothing else comes to mind at this time... All the best. Nothing to worry about.


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  • sw33t
    07-25 04:30 PM
    Come on guys. I know there are more than 13 IV members in Texas.

    Please join the texas chapter. We have some exciting times ahead of us so lets get together and make it happen.

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  • Rune
    May 21st, 2004, 01:30 AM
    Oi! That IS the colour version! :D It might be a tad underexposed I guess, but any more and I would've ended up with bright white water. I could go back at a different time of day when the sun is at a more opportune spot though. I'm just not sure if it's worth it. (I guess one way of finding out is to actually go down there when the sun pops out :))

    I think I'm better off hunting for more traditional landscapes (and eventually some animals -- I hope to catch some musk oxen in July, dunno what I'll do before that). :)

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

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    View Full Version : WebFax without Registration !!!!


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  • kevinkris
    10-07 12:48 AM

    Myself and my wife applied for 485, 765 and 131 on Aug 13th and we got receipt notices on Oct 5th.

    But we got only 485 & 131 for my wife and i got 765 and 131.
    485 Receipt is missing for me and 765 is missing for my wife.

    We haven't got any mail today also i.e. Oct 6th. Any thing similar happened to anyone?

    When we will get other receipts. If at all they are missing can we contact USCIS to send them again?

    Thanks for your feedback.


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  • deecha
    09-15 04:52 PM
    I wonder what the ACLU will come up with :)

    More business for them .... lol .. :-)


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  • joydiptac
    03-19 07:40 PM
    I guess it means nothing to us. My file has moved over the years from CA -> NE -> SJ NBC -> TSC.
    TSC was the most efficient machinery USCIS had. Someone in NSC may not have liked this, so they are moving the old files to TSC to make it look just as bad. :D

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  • keshu_m
    10-21 08:39 AM
    My company applied for my L1B petition in 2007 which was approved and I got an L1 visa in Mar 2007 which was valid until Aug 2009. However I traveled to the U.S only in December 2008. Since my L1 visa was expiring by Aug I applied for a L1 extension in May 2009. This was rejected in August due to some confusion with the I-94. So I had to travel back to India in Aug 2009.

    I then applied for a fresh L1 visa based on my company's L1 Blanket petition. I got this new L1 visa in Sep 2009 and returned back to the U.S. This new visa is valid until Sep 2011.

    My question is can I apply for another L1 extension?

    Will my visa duration or stay duration be considered when applying for another extension?
    I have stayed in the U.S on L1 status only from Dec 2008 - Am I not allowed 5 years?

    Also I am not sure whether I have exhausted my quota of extensions. Will my case be considered as 2.5 years the first time and 2 years extension the second time?
    Or will the Blanket visa be considered a fresh start allowing me another extension?

    Also what will happen if I transfer to H1 at this point of time ... will my L1 stay duration or my L1 visa duration be considered when deciding the H1 visa validity?

    Please help with some answers...


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  • eb3retro
    01-27 09:20 AM
    did it twice already. will do it how much ever time it takes to get the right job. cant let the life suck in eb3 india wait. already waited too long in 485 filing time. cant ruin my life anymore. never informed no one abt my move. cos, in my opinion there will be no time, where they will get to process my eb3 india application with pd jan 2003.

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  • bksjay
    01-26 05:08 AM
    can someone pls help me with a few question on re entry permit. i will be going back to us after 1year 8months. i had applied for re entry perit in oct 2007 - i left us in may 2008 - my re entry permit is valid till july 2010. i will be going to us in feb 2010. my question is will i have problem because i left us before i got my permit. my husband who was still in us got my permit for me.


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  • wandmaker
    11-26 02:04 AM
    tanyas_21: Amendment processing time is same as normal H1 processing time. Your status is H4 until the H1B amendment (797 w/ I-94) is approved or You re-enter USA after you get your H1B stamped. USCIS usually sends cable to home consulate mentioned in I-129 about the approval of H1B - It is one of the reason, most of the attorneys' recommend people to get it stamped from home consulate. As long as you go with all the paper work, You can get it stamped from Mexico, and I dont see any issues. Do not attempt to get it stamped from Canada unless you have a verifiable US education. Good luck!

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  • dummgelauft
    12-04 11:42 AM
    ..and let the Champagne sit in the chiller.

    Dude, this is ablip, for al lwe know. So many jobs have been lost, that there are not many more to lose. Companies aer already running on skeleton crews.
    Its like some person wanting to lose weight, first loses all his body fat, then not satified with it starts starving himself and starts to lose muscle mass, after that is gone, the only choice is to start cutting body parts off, to lose more weight.....

    These numbers have to improve consistently for a few months, even a year for any stable, long to meadium term gains...

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  • Jinlaw
    03-20 04:41 PM
    Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it! :beam:

    04-06 01:53 PM
    In my employer company (NJ based, desi consulting company) about 50% of the EB-2 PERM applications are under audit.

    I need to file my application for EB-2 and I called them. (I have a EB-3 approved labor, on which my employer has filed I-140)

    The paralegal advised me that they have stopped filing PERM applications since this month March 2008, hoping that there would be change of PERM processing or application change.

    Does any one have any info about PERM change process? Please advise. Thanks in advance.

    The DOL was supposed to issue new forms, since the current ones were said to expire in 3/2008. However, they have not issued new forms yet, and on their website it states that the current ones continue to be valid. Their site was down for maintenance around the end of March, however, so perhaps that's what the paralegal was referring to?

    05-06 11:02 AM
    Hi All,

    I need to travel urgently to India due to some family issue and my EAD is expiring in Aug 2010. I need to apply for my renewal before I fly out this Sunday since I will have to be in India for 30 days. Can I e file my application from here and send the supporting documentation by Saturday? If so, I want to make sure that if for some reason, I get a biometrics appt., while in India, how can I postpone it? and also there won't be any issues with my EAD renewal app since I will be India and My I 94 will change once I am back.

    Thanks for all your responses.....
    I think it should be OK!
    -> i guess there is a provision to delay your FP if it arrives for any reason, any of your representative here can scan and let u see the contents , there will be a phone to call and postpone.
    -> if you are C9 category ( 485 in EB category ) , you donot need i94 number , you need alien number.

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