Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • vivek_k
    05-07 02:07 PM
    Can anyone recommend on a good local (in OKC, Dallas) or national attorney that is very successful in these cases. Thank you for your help.

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  • newyorker123
    06-10 03:43 PM
    thanks man and one more favor
    what should I specify underneath
    Identify the documents, records, or information you are seeking. Be as specific as possible.

    section if I need all the documents submitted with my I-485 application?

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  • dc2007
    10-17 06:45 PM
    By courtesy copy do you mean the original I-797C?

    I am also in the same situation. I didn't get the copy and lawyer got copy today only. Appt date is this Sat.

    Lawyer has emailed me the scanned copy. Can I take this copy for FP ?


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  • dixie
    08-17 05:17 PM
    I am ordinarily based in NC, but not at the moment. I have drawn attention to a couple of friends also in IV .. hope you get some responses soon.


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  • ssharma
    06-30 05:06 PM
    Here is a memo from one of the law firms, I found on the net.

    After digging thro' forums it seems everyone talks about having the "intention" of staying with the Employer after GC.
    Here's my question.
    - Should the "intention" be on the day of filing 485 or the day you get GC ? (a date in future that no one can predict).

    If the "intention" has to be at the time of 485 filing then, after 180 days of filing 485 one should be able to change employers, irrespective of the case being approved or NOT.

    thoughts/comments ??

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  • smithshn
    05-07 09:10 AM
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  • pd_recapturing
    12-13 02:50 PM
    There is no AC21 for derivative applicants. She can join any employer at any time. AC21 comes into picture only for primary applicant. Derivatives get almost a virtual GC in terms of EAD.

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  • mnq1979
    06-26 09:58 AM
    I jst got an update on my and my wife I-485; i am not sure what it is about as i have not received the RFE yet.....but i think they are asking for our BC as we did not provide them when we applied for I-485;

    I want to know that is it OK if i provide USCIS with the 2 AFFIDEVITS, one for me and one for my wife stating all the information such as Name, Date of Birth, City of Birth, Country of Birth, Mothers Name and Fathers Name.

    Gettign the birth certificate is a very long procedure and i dont think i would have them soon. So i was wondering will it be OK if i provide them with the Affidevits. Will USCIS accept it!!!!

    Lastly, i would appreciate if some one can give me the template that what text should be included in the affedevit !!!!

    Thanks in advance !!!!!


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  • bkarnik
    06-25 05:14 PM
    Please see other thread on similar topic...please do not start new threads without researching exisitng threads...moderators please lock this thread or merge with the existing thread.

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  • sankap
    07-25 03:34 PM
    She definitely would have issues if plan to travel in TN visa. TN visa is not supposed to have any immigration intent.

    The best thing to do is change her status to parolee and start working using EAD. There is no reason for her to continue in TN status, after filing 485.


    I agree w/ Morch: TN, unlike H1B, is not a dual-intent visa. Change to EAD/AP.


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  • p_kumar
    07-20 01:27 PM
    Sorry to post it here.I did not know how to create a thread.:o

    Will this priority dates becoming current, affect the processing time of family based I-485?.my sis is a US citizen filing for my parents GC.It usually comes in 3 or 4 months but now ?????/
    any replies are appreciated. :D

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  • WaitingUnlimited
    01-18 12:43 PM
    First of all, Welcome to Immigration Voice!!

    It is possible to get 3 year extension on while you transfer h1b to new company and also obtain the first priority date. First priority date can be obtained while applying for another 140 with new company by attaching the copy of 140 document. But some people say that just mentioning the LIN # is sufficient enough.

    What your attorney is saying is true, 140 is owned by the company. But you may request your HR about the value of 140 in extending your stay in US and also in pursuing the green card. That is what I did while changing the job and then our HR did not cancel the 140.

    You may lose the priority date if your HR cancels the 140 but some people say that there is a circulation in USCIS which says that even if the 140 is canceled, the first priority date can be assigned as the green card processing was indeed started at the first priority date, so may be it depends on the officer who is handling your case.

    Good Luck!!


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  • redgreen
    11-17 12:01 PM
    To my knowledge they consider the salary you were getting in the last one year to calculate UI benefits. If you are applying one year after the job loss, chances that you get anything is very low.

    Anybody who is eligible to work in US and has enough work credit can apply for unemployment insurance benefits. I think, USCIS will know about this but sending RFE to people about this is not feasible.

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  • gcadream
    05-02 09:06 PM
    Can somebody please throw some light on this issue.

    I have an approved H1extn till 2013 but I had moved to the new location and new project since then but I don't have a new LCA. And now when I'm planing to go to india and appear for visa stamping I don't have the new LCA for my current location.

    When I asked my lawyer, she said that I need to apply for fresh H1 extn. This doesn't make sense to me, Can I only get new LCA for my new project location ?
    Do I need to get my H1B amended with this change ?

    Please help me on this ...
    Waiting to hear back ASAP.

    Thanks in advance


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  • chanduv23
    05-14 10:48 AM
    A lot of folks doing OPT from non IT fields applied for this year's H1b through IT consulting companies so that they reserve something like "H1b ticket" and are looking at getting h1b transferred to their non IT companies where they do OPT.

    Dunno how all this will work out, will IT consulting companies help these folks to get a transfer as soon as they get approval?? I was under the impression that IT consulting companies want these folks to contribute to their business and not to use it as a reservation ticket system.

    All folks trying to do this, talk to lawyers and be careful, don't believe ur IT consulting firms thinking they will give u a smooth transfer.

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  • injrav
    03-21 01:51 PM
    Thanks you. The minimum donation online is $50. Yo have to scroll down for one time contributions, below to the 6th or 7th one in the dropdown.

    Thanks for quick reply

    I donated 50$ through pay pal.

    Your receipt number for this payment is: 46xx-xxxx-xxxx-0287


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  • raysaikat
    01-14 02:18 AM
    If you do get the F-1 visa, then you likely would not face any difficulty at the airport. However, F-1 visa requires non-immigration intent, which would be very difficult, if not impossible, for you to prove. Unfortunately, even J-1 visa requires you to prove non-immigration intent. So if you go outside USA, very likely you will not be able to get back. Therefore, I believe that traveling in your state is not advisable; you should stay put until your children's father is in a position to marry you. Then you can obtain the fiancee visa (K-1) and travel abroad.

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  • snathan
    03-28 12:42 PM
    I want to transfer from H1B to F1.I came to US as a F1 and graduated in march 08.I got my H1B on oct 08.But now i want to transfer to F1 again and i had my visa till 2011. I had following doubts and please help me.

    1) I heard that i can transfer to F1 from H1B without canceling(but deactivating H1B) is it true.

    2) How much time does it take if i apply for change of status for F1?

    3)can i take cpt in F1 and later on can i change to H1 by applying change of status?

    Before answering your question...I want to know this.

    You got your H1B in Oct 2008. That means your status changed from F1 to H1. Now its March 2009. So all these period are you employed and have the pay stubs for the same. If you dont have then you are out of status and you can not change the status to F1. If you want to change the status, you need to be in status first.

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  • GC Struggle
    04-21 10:44 AM
    As long as you are matching the wage on teh LC you should be ok

    12-10 07:20 AM
    If you have been in the US for more than 1 year, you are a resident of the US and not any particular state in India. You are free to go to any Consulate in India. Even though I was previously a resident of AP, I have been able to get successful stamping in New Delhi.

    08-24 12:24 PM
    I believe they would process the application within 15 days. It doesnt necessarily have to be an approval or denial, they can even send a RFE.

    Once you respond to the RFE, its not necessary that they have to process your case with in 15 days.

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