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target store interior

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  • gcformeornot
    02-19 06:10 PM

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  • 131313
    November 16th, 2004, 09:23 PM
    I gotta see this place. ...very inviting photographs.

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  • snathan
    09-15 11:33 AM

    Processing Type: Regular Processing
    Receipt Number: WAC081-465-XXXX
    Received Date: APR,24 2008
    Notice Number: N/A
    RFE Date:
    RFE Responded Date: sep 16 2008
    Status: RFE responded and case resumed

    iam going to wait since one year.but still its going to be employer didn't say anything. I was getting frustrated everytime I looked at it, same statment: "Case resumed"
    what will i do?can i raise the service request?can i directly call to the uscis?

    please suggest me...

    Change it to the Premium Processing.

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-28 12:40 PM
    Andrew Sullivan, uber-blogger and one of the country's most influential political pundits warns that our paralyzed immigration system is at a point where it is harming our economic security: The legal immigration system - the same one that has kept me in limbo for a quarter of a century - is reaching a breaking point. Skilled immigrants are returning home to the more fertile opportunities in China and India because America makes it almost impossible for talented immigrants to move here: "What was a trickle has become a flood," says Duke University's Vivek Wadhwa, who studies reverse immigration. Wadhwa projects...

    More... (


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  • jbs
    10-03 11:26 AM
    My spouse and I are currently on H1-B and we applied for EAD and I-485 with my spouse as the primary applicant through his company.
    Do I have to wait for 180 days before I change employers and start using the EAD (since I am the secondary applicant)? Or can I use my EAD as soon as I get it?

    Thank you!

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  • RandyK
    04-03 02:06 PM
    Good information


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  • chanduv23
    09-12 04:16 PM
    Ivan is a doctor from Mexico. He did his resiidency at Mainmonaides in New York and now works as an attending physician at Cleveland Clinic. Clevland clinic is planning to promote him as a program director but Ivan wont be here next year, his Green Card petition has been pending FBI checks for 3 years now and he is frustrated about the process and plans to move back to Mexico and start his own hospital.

    Lets strive to keep Pablo and Ivan in the US.

    Lets March to DC on September 18th for the Legal highly skilled immigrants rally

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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-16 04:20 PM
    Font could definately use some work. I'm so sick and tired of times new roman being everywhere. The only thing its good for is essays.


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  • nashorn
    08-12 04:53 AM
    One can have more than one H1B at a time. So you can ask the second company file for transfer too. If you worry about the first petition, and you feel comfortable to do so, talk about it with the attorney of the second company. Or, you can call USCIS and ask a immigration officer.

    I joined a new employer in May and also had applied for H1B transfer at that time. Now I have a very good offer from another firm but my first H1B transfer is still pending. The new offer is much more rewarding financially. Is it possible to apply for H1 B transfer to the new employer without jeopardizing my H1B status. Please note that I got laid off in April and I was in a hurry to get the new job then, it was also about just over a month when I applied for my H1B transfer since losing that job so I am kind of nervous about the results from USCIS.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions, friends!

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  • Ann Ruben
    07-17 05:16 PM
    You can use the approved I-140 from company A to get a 3 year H-1 for company B assuming your priority date is not current. However, because you have not been working for company A, you are technically not in valid non-immigrant H status and though Company B's H-1 petition should be approved for three years, the extension may not be granted. This means that at some point you would have to leave, get a new H visa and then return.


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  • flash.stoffer
    08-07 11:33 AM
    Thanks.. icleric ;)

    Rigth now, I'm creating a new stamp :thumb:

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  • Maqrkk
    06-22 07:39 AM
    You have my vote, awesome picture!


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  • nixstor
    12-16 10:40 PM
    My wife would like to change from H4 to F1. How ever, we might need to go out of country after she changes to F1. Is there any one here who has gone to Canada/Mexico/India to get their F1 stamping done recently?

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  • raysaikat
    05-15 07:39 PM
    Dear All:
    I am currently in my 7th year on H-1B (with I-140 approved) and my H-1B Visa expired a year ago and my current I-94 valid until next 2 years (same case for my dependants).

    I am switching my employer now and my family is planning to goto India and when they go for visa stamping through my new employer - do you think they will get into the trouble because my visa (with old employer) is already expired?

    And FYI - myself/my fmaily already had US Visas stamped for atleast 4-5times already in the past through various employers.

    The primary applicant's H1-B status must be valid for the dependent to get H-4 VISA stamp. The primary's own VISA stamp is not an issue.


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  • mr_aryan
    10-19 02:31 PM
    Thanks all you for the time in sharing the info.
    Usually Airlines ground staff provide the wheel chair assistance(some r good & some not).
    I was concerned about them getting out during stopover in London & Immmigration /Customs, Baggaige claim & taking TRAIN in ATL airport .

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  • tnite
    01-03 10:31 AM
    I could take upto 3 months of sabbatical partially paid (1st month:100%, 2nd,3rd-50%) - I am currently on H1 Visa and working for the employer who sponsered by GC. I would like to know if there is any effect of taking sabbatical on my pending I485 ?


    Since you're on H1 that might be a problem as your W2 will reflect the lwage info . You can either take a leave of absence for a month or 2 (not more than that) If there's a query during H1 extension , you can let them know that you had taken a leave. Draft a leave letter and mail it to the employer so that he has it in records.

    But if you use your EAD it doesnt matter. You dont have to worry about the 3months.


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  • uma001
    04-15 09:15 AM
    Thank you uma001 for your response. My H1-B is valid until Nov 2010. As per your advice, I need get things started. Its so frustrating - job, employer, gc, being away from kids.

    Since your spouse is working, You can look for consulting position in east coast ,get the project and file for H1 ,file for green card simultaneosuly assuming your 5th year completes by November 2010 (not 6th year, you mentioned H1 valid until November 2010). You still have 6 full months time.

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  • JazzByTheBay
    08-01 09:06 PM
    ... was USCIS stating that "don't wait an extra 30 days... "

    Hope I have appropriately satisfied your curiosity. :)


    What is interesting in this? This is not interesting, this is published guideline from USCIS. But the outcome is not guaranteed to get an EAD.

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  • stemcell
    12-24 01:41 PM
    Health care reform has been passed for good or bad only time will tell.
    But suffice to say it will give 30 million Americans some kind of coverage to seek medical care meaning more physicians are needed to provide care for these folks.

    IV in the past had been working on excluding non-immigrant physicians from the EB category.Now that Health care reform has been passed, has anything been included in it for physicians practicing in rural areas(immigration benefits) ? If not i think we have missed a golden opportunity.

    02-19 11:02 AM
    As far as I know priority date can ony be transfered when the I-140 is approved. Go ahead and get both I-140 approved and use the earlier date towards the new one at the time of filing of I-485.

    Thanks for the reply

    12-04 10:09 AM
    Finally...exctly after 4 months my all checks got cleared today , and got receipt number from the back check image.

    Only do't know 140 as it was employer's check.

    Just to Recap
    Sent 140/485/765/131 on Aug 3rd to NSC
    SR opened on 11/5.. IO said it must have been transfered to TSC
    Fax sent on 11/28
    Check cleared on 12/3 .. Receipt # from TSC.

    Thank you very much all for support

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