Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • TexDBoy
    07-21 09:57 PM
    I was also doing my part-time when I went for Visa ... For 33, I did say "yes" and gave the University name.

    Not sure if IO looked at it ... did not ask me any questions regarding that ...

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-10 06:40 PM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    http://www.immigrationvisaattorneyblog.com/butterfly%20cocoon.jpgOn the occasion of Pride Month, the US Department of State has announced a change in policy regarding the way that sex and gender reassignment are noted on US passports. The immigration law firm of Fong & Chun, long-time advocates for gay and lesbian immigrants, receive questions regularly about how gender is reflected on official documents.

    Effective today, a US citizen applying for a US passport may present a letter from a physician that the applicant has had "appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition," and the new passport will be issued reflecting that new gender. A short-term passport can also be issued be those who are still transitioning.

    If you have any questions about obtaining a US passport, please contact us. --jcf

    More... (http://www.immigrationvisaattorneyblog.com/2010/06/sex-gender-reassignment-your-u.html)

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  • casinoroyale
    08-09 05:09 PM
    Anybody got AP renewal from NSC recently? What dates are they at now?

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  • santhakumar
    05-21 02:30 PM


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  • fromnaija
    10-26 01:41 PM
    105-year-old realizes dream of citizenship (http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/california/la-me-naturalize26oct26,1,6009025.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california)

    The children obtained a green card for their mother and brought her to Palm Desert six years ago, after their father died in Tehran.

    She is luckier than most of us as she became a citizen in only six years! Most of us here are still waiting for GC after 10 years!

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  • bijualex29
    06-20 06:48 PM
    If doctors says to get two MMR or Varicella shots in 1 months aparts, do we need to wait for one month to get Medical reports? Can some one explain me ?


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  • pkuttu
    01-07 07:51 PM

    I need some advice on what are my options.

    I have been working with a consulting company since June 2006. I have an approved Perm and approved 140 with the same company.

    Before my Perm and 140 were approved we got my H1-b extended till September 2011.

    I am planning to visit my home country and need to attend for Visa stamping. I have booked my tickets too.

    The problem is my company has recently changed its location and I have the old address on my paperwork (I-797, LCA etc)
    But the latest pay stubs have the new Address.

    Will I have any problems when I attend for Visa stamping?

    Do we need to apply for the ammendment? In that case should I postpone my trip, get the paperwork and then go for stamping?

    Thanks and Regards

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  • immiblues
    02-14 06:46 PM
    I am married to a US Citizen and we filed my I-130 petition, which was approved in April 2007. However, the I-797 also notice said that I was not eligible to adjust status from within the US based on evidence presented in the I-130 and that we should consult a local USCIS office to determine what this evidence was. When we consulted an officer at the local USCIS field office, we were advised to proceed with the filing as the language about ineligibility to adjust status in the US was 'standard'.

    We have since filed my I485, application for EAD, and AP. Unfortunately I didn't know about priority dates and their impact on our filing. if my priority is not current does this mean that the 485 will be rejected?


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  • Blog Feeds
    10-15 12:00 PM
    Most of the time, I write about problems immigrants have with US immigration officials, but this week I heard from an American in Valencia, Spain who had her purse snatched right after arriving. Gone were her credit cards, cash, and, most importantly, her passport. After dealing with the police, she contacted her family and because the crime happened on a Friday, was told that no money could be wired until banks opened on the following Monday. When this citizen went to the US consulate in Valencia, she was told she needed to pay $250 for a new passport. She explained...

    More... (http://blogs.ilw.com/gregsiskind/2009/10/consulate-leaves-american-stranded.html)

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  • debasishjena
    05-25 03:05 AM
    Hi All,

    I have I140 approved in EB3 in Jan 2011. I485 is still long time to go. Can I change my employer and apply in EB2 and port my priority date?



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  • ssksubash
    03-13 11:04 AM

    My 6 yr H1B is expiring within 4 months, my company will be filing for the 7th yr extension. Will there be any problem if I send my inlaws for visitor visa now.

    Can any one please advice.

    Thank you for your time

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  • maniac
    07-22 09:12 PM
    Keeping in view the current and anticipated situation in Oct 2007, would priority date transfer help me at all or I will have to face same processing times?

    My assumption is that visa numbers will be unavailable from Aug 17th to Oct '07 and when the new visa number become available, the dates will retrogress to 2003 or 2004 ... who knows. So using old PD may earn me advantage in that case.


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  • rokocoko
    01-11 06:06 PM
    It will be a good idea to post your message in localfiles http://localfiles.com/production/htmls/msp/

    I am sure you will find someone.

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  • manishkatiyar
    01-25 07:20 PM
    � My wife came here on L2 in Aug-2007 and then applied for EAD
    � She has been working on EAD since Aug-2007 with Company A
    � Company A applied for her GC on 18-Aug-2009 in EB2 while she was still on L2
    � Company A applied for H1 which got approved on 08-Oct-2009 till 01-Oct-2012
    � We travelled out of US on 10-Dec-2009 and only gave the L2 I-94 on departure, didn�t give H1 I-94
    � She got her L2 stamped from India and entered US on L2 on 03-Jan-2010

    Please let us know the following:
    � Is there any potential of her H1 getting cancelled because she entered back on L2?
    � Do we need to get her H1 stamped immediately by going to Mexico?
    � Is her L2 EAD still valid and can she work?


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  • fatjoe
    10-30 08:45 AM
    I am not sure what is so important in this to answer.
    As long as thay had sent the finger prints to you, you should be OK. There is no particular pattern in which they send the EAD cards. So, no body can answer your question about when will you get the EAD. Just pray and watch. If it is more than 90 days since you have applied for your EAD, then you may contact your local office to expedite the process.

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  • ravi09
    05-12 01:52 PM
    Hello Folks,

    My H1b is 2 and half years old. I transferred it once, i.e in 2007

    My brother has got GC a year ago and started his own company. I am planning to transfer it to him.

    I have these following questions.
    1. What is the risk on transferring my H1 to a new/small company in this recession period, and the employee strength is just one (my brother).
    2. Is it ok to transfer more than one time in short period(i.e in 2 years span)?
    3. Also, is it acceptable to stay outside US for couple of months on H1 status with out payroll? Will that be a problem at POE when i return to US?
    4) Right now i am out of the project (on bench), so will that be any risk of my H1 transfer getting denied ?

    Please help!

    Best Regards,


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  • pappu
    08-20 03:36 PM
    You have not updated your profile
    You do not want to attend the rally
    You do not want to volunteer....

    ... and you want to mobilize the community?? for what?
    reciept notices?

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  • samin
    03-13 05:54 PM
    My sister's H1B petition was approved on 2008 and she was unable to travel US for the past 1.5 year.

    She is working in a MNC company in India. Now, she came to US on her B1 visa 1.5 month back. Meanwhile, she got an offer from a client in US and she want takeover the new job on her approved H1.

    So, can you please let me know whether the employer (whoever filed my sister's h1) can file the H1B amenment while she in US with B1 visa and having H1B approved petition? If so, how many days she has to wait to get the approved amenment to start her work at client place? The employer is going to do the premium payment so that can we assume the amenment will be approved for sure?.

    The LCA is really required for H1amenment? Please advice. This is really urgent.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • newuser
    01-14 10:23 PM

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    03-31 12:26 PM
    I got my PERM labor approved yesterday, for applying I-140 were can I find the processing dates for I-140? I mean specific to Country? Because, if I go to https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/jsps/Processtimes.jsp?SeviceCenter=NSC the processing time for "Skilled worker or professional" is April, 1 2008, does this date apply for all? Thanks in advance.


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