Wednesday, June 29, 2011

true blood eric northman actor

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  • EndlessWait
    06-29 12:28 PM
    We desis/chinese suffer because of too much population. To avoid the pain and sufferring we go through. Lets try and save our future generation from this mess.

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  • TomPlate
    07-05 02:10 PM
    Ada Ramus.

    All can file I-485 now. please go through this link.

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  • STAmisha
    06-20 02:15 PM
    My company is an US company (2000 people+) and not a desi body shopper

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  • Dhundhun
    06-09 11:00 PM
    Hi Gurus -

    Am eFiling this my EAD renewal - and want to know what I should enter for -

    1. "What is Date for Application?" - is the "Received Date" in my EAD receipt?

    2. "Manner of Last Entry" : I put H1B - Speciality Occupation. Hope that is fine as I entered last year using H1B (am on H1B and there was one more H1 option there)

    3. Current Immigration Status - "I put H1B - Speciality Occupation".

    4. Eligibility Status - "I485 filed" - is that right? Am a July 07 filer.

    Sorry if these questions have been asked before - if yes, please point me to the thread and better please try to answer these ASAP.


    Refer to thread


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  • Eric Northman. MALE

  • weasel026
    04-20 10:23 PM
    i think you'll nee to use the extrusion manager it will take a whil to perfect but i think thats the only way you can do it
    ~flash weasel

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  • alterego
    08-15 11:47 PM
    I found this interesting. Salaries for managers are becoming quite competitive in India apparently.
    Given that certain areas are especially hot in India compared to the rest of the economy and that gives you a relatively strong position and quality of life. It seems the gap between US and India is closing for people in certain fields faster than it is closing for the average joe.........for whom it will take generations at best. Perhaps we need to see that perspective.


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  • Appu
    10-05 07:01 PM
    Thanks for the response!

    Once I get the I-140, can I directly apply for the transfer and get the new H1 for 3 years instead of extending the current one first?

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  • tomguide
    10-05 04:56 PM

    I need your help on this tricky (at least for me) situation. I am a Software Developer right now and want to chanfe my job to a PM (product manager), but within the same division, same employer. Apparently the job descirption of PM (like new product functional design...) will be different from the one of developer (like new product technical design, coding...).

    Right now, my GC status is: PERMLC got approved Dec/2006. I-140 was filed on Feb/2007 and still pending. I-485/AP/EAD were filed on Aug/2007 and pending.

    My questions are:
    1) I know the AC 21 law, say after Feb 2008(180 days after my 485 filing) and if the 140 gets approved by then too, I can do ANY job change within teh same employer or even switch to another employer, is this true? Or, I still have to stick to the similar job type(SW developer in my case), no matter within a same employer or different one?

    2) Before I can use AC21, say from now to Feb2008, I know I can not switch to another employer. But can I change my job to PM with the same employer. Will this affect my 485/GC case? If so, is there any solution or workaround so that I can change my job "smartly" without affecting 485?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


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  • PavanV
    11-26 02:57 PM
    I dont think they will be enlisted, this is a easy way to get citizenship, man how long have you been in the US ?, if in the program, the folks will be guinea pigs for pilot programs and what not, probably fighting or cleaning toilets in Iraq, but hey in the end you get citizenship.
    I am sure many will join this program, and they should, if they prefer to be citizens, then they should be prepared to fight for the country.

    Looks like an interesting option for those in health care if you speak Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, etc. to get US citizenship within a few months without going through the green card process mess...

    ILW.COM - immigration news: Frequently Asked Questions About The Army�s New Non-Citizen Recruiting Program For Foreign Health Care Professionals (

    Any idea on what the chances of being called for active army duty might be within the 6 year period you are enlisted?

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  • sanz
    01-19 11:03 PM
    So another diploma mill shut down... how many more remain....


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  • VivekAhuja
    05-22 03:52 PM
    Send copies of ALL I-94s.

    Do NOT travel with expired/non-renewed documents.

    It's simple!

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  • vvicky72
    08-07 11:26 AM
    An RFE got generated on my wife's 485 application. Our company lawyer filed our 485 applications. Does anyone know who gets the RFE notice? Will it be the lawyers office or us?


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  • razis123
    01-24 02:53 AM
    what about the july 07 fiasco filers..i know GC will only be given when visa numbers are available but atleast if 485 is approved we know we are half way matter the files will be licking the dust for years..gurus please share.
    Thanks in advance

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  • stebbinsd
    01-16 09:04 PM

    I can't find an optimal place to put this question, so I'll put it here.

    According to this web page:

    IMBRA, HR3402 questionaire (

    If I don't use a compliant marriage broker to meet my fiance, then my K1 visa gets denied, automatically, because I met via a "black market" broker, for lack of a better term.

    Is that true, or is he just trying to scare me into using HIS service? I've read the ENTIRE text of the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (it's not a very big statute to read; it's a subsection of a much larger act), and it never says anything about how I should get denied to sponsor my fiance's visa because my BROKER didn't conduct the background checks.

    I wouldn't be this concerned if it weren't for the fact that there are very few sites that seem to comply with IMBRA's criminal background check regulations. I have no problem telling the woman that I'm not a criminal (I've got nothing to hide), but why should I be denied the right to marry her, forever and ever, with no recourse, since the damage has already been done, because my BROKER messed up?

    The only negative consequence I've read in this act is that the broker has to pay a fine if he doesn't conduct the background checks. Whoopdie doo! What does that have to do with me?! As long as I get the visa for my soul mate, I could care less what happens to my broker; he's done his job as far as I'm concerned.

    Is my intuition correct? If that web page is true, can you refer me to the exact clause that states that meeting via a non-compliant broker constitutes an automatic visa rejection?


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  • chunky
    07-24 10:11 PM
    I also have same question. DO we need to send COS. I heard that after getting receipt one is authorized to stay in US. I might be wrong. Please reply if anyone thinks differently..

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  • saibaba
    12-05 12:20 AM
    thanx for the info lakshmi...


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  • MYGC2008
    01-29 05:03 PM
    You are travelling at the end of June, that means nearly 5 months from now
    Here are my opinion

    1) Since you are extending your H1B right now, Why can't yoy apply for premium processing?

    2) Mean while Apply for EAD also. You will get in 90 days

    3) For AP you can take infopass or call Customer Service -- Normally AP gets approved in 30 days. Check other threads also where others have used infopass to Expedite the case

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  • theenlightened1
    06-03 06:12 AM
    Hi all!

    I've been trying to get a job offer from Canada for the past one year as my occupation is not on the list of occupations that have shortage. I'm a market research analyst and work online with a UK company for almost 3 years. I would love to move to Canada and have a real job and family but am at a stage where I do not know what else to do as the companies want you to be present in Canada and Canadian govt asks for a job offer to get a visa?

    Very confused here. If someone got an arranged offer from Canada could you please guide on how much work experience you had and how you got an offer?


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  • glus
    03-03 09:30 AM
    Extension = from the time requested = for example 4/1/2008 more than 3 years. 3 years is the max time requested. So, if you company requests from 4/1/2008, it should state until 4/1/2011.


    12-12 08:45 PM
    Hi Wish you all a V V HAPPY XMAS !!!
    One of my friends gave me this suggestion - go find some voice over IV. Till Now I was least bothered but because the new anti- H1 B laws are being proposed ( Sen Grassy et all ) , I have to look at this angle. Because without GC , with those new laws in effect, it might be imposs to work here..
    Ok , I filed under E B 2 category way back in Ending of 05 and my Labor and 140 got approved.Filed AOS in 2008 ending and since then on the GC wait List.
    There are some questions I have which makes me think - is it worth the wait ? IF NOT then lets look at other possibilities including starting some business in Bangalore or going to Canada. I dont know- PL Help me out here friends.
    When my employer filed for labor the the promised amt of some $90K in immigrant labor applocation. I could not make that much but I was around $72K Then I had to leave him and go work in UK for the same client ( since that was a UK based company ) and my employer got paid hiring fees. He was not aversive .
    So for entire 2007 my income was 0 becos I was in UK working for this MNC and paying UK taxes.
    1) Then in 2008 the same client called me back to US but it took some 2 months before they could finally begin my work there and only then my pay started .
    So 2008 - I was only close to some $60K PA ( annualized but I was not there entire 2008 . I came back from UK to US around mid 08).
    Then on there had been no problem 08 and 09 all gone well.

    2 )I read the GC terms and it said - bcos GC is prospective thing, it has nothing to do with your current salary. But in realistic terms - is there chance of problem here ? looking at this ..?
    3) If I am in Bangalore after Feb 10, permanently would that be problem in case the lines moves up and I am not in USA ? Will they think that because you are not in US ...and are not working for same employer , cant give GC ..?

    Which one can be hurdle in final step 1 , 2 or 3 ? Or God only know
    ok bye

    08-15 11:28 PM
    Help, No response....Bump?

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