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nate dogg dead

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  • RIP – Nate Dogg Dead at 41;

  • gcseeker2002
    04-08 08:51 AM

    I am in the 8th year of H1b and I have been juggling this idea of changing my job because of a sucking work environment. I have Eb3 labor(it was applied in eb3 even though my job required and i had the eb2 experience) approved and 140 approved so can I get 3 year extension by changing my job or do you suggest to first get 3 year extension and then change, in which case will I still get 3 year extension is the question.

    After job change can I use old PD ? Can I apply EB2 perm after changing job ?

    I know these are testing times for many of us but i will appreciate your ideas and responses.

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  • smuggymba
    12-09 06:25 PM

    Forget about Indian or Bangladeshi - what is your real citizenship?

    Are you indian just born in Bangladesh or a Bangladeshi who was enjoying indian citizenship until you realized it's a retrogressed country.

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  • AllIzzWell
    03-18 10:24 AM

    This is an easy one. I am sorry but i am blank on this.

    Can you please let me know how do i get a soft copy of the passport size photograph? I used to get the hard copy from Sam's but now we need to softcopy to upload for visa purposes (D160).

    Thank you for any direction.

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  • gc_maine2
    03-27 03:21 PM
    :D:D:D::D LOL

    On serious note, its really long wait.

    Your individual capacity to stand against frustration, worry and adaptability to strange and sudden events and conditions.:)


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  • kanshul
    05-25 08:32 AM
    The important thig is the period since yoour last admission to the US before July 2007.

    Say you entered in Apr 2007 then you would not have accumulated 180 days of unauthourized stay in US before filling 485 and you will be OK.

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  • Nate Dogg, whose real name is

  • grupak
    07-02 10:19 AM
    Do I have give all I-94s cards on departure from US or only the one attached to the passport? Of course all are having the same number.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    I made copies, clipped them together and handed to the airline agent. Unlike in the past, airline agents are more aware of and careful about the immigration documents.


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  • grimdeath
    04-17 09:35 AM
    Means you two have and 86% chance of makin' bacon.

    In his dreams :lol:

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  • suwsku
    04-05 05:23 PM
    and it's still valid for almost 2 years.

    If, say, I find another employer in a few months, can I use the visa that I have now?

    If so, can I start working for that employer once he files a new petition, or do I have to wait until the new approval notice?


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  • rameshraju11
    07-22 07:58 PM
    Thank you so much

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  • ruby
    09-24 12:29 PM
    Can someone please point to official details of interfiling? My lawyer is not using it to make use of my better PD.


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  • Nate Dogg (Nathaniel D. Hale)

  • eb3retro
    11-05 05:18 PM
    if you have applied in NSC, if you are not pushing it to move (through expedite SR or through local congressman etc), prepare to wait for close 120+ days. I am not kidding.

    How long is it taking now a days to get AP approval. I am from TX and e-filed on 2nd Oct (ND 4th OCT 2010) and want to know when I can expect the approval.

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  • gcwait2007
    03-27 12:50 AM
    What is your LC Priority date? Many of my friends had used LC Sub with PD earlier to Dec 2004 and all their applications were approved in TSC. The yardstick for transfer of LC sub cases from TSC to NSC is mystery and we have to find a way to solve it.


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  • lostinbeta
    10-06 12:09 AM
    With the first question what it sounds like you want to do is open your image (you may have to copy and paste it into a new document, not sure)...

    Select the layer with your image then go to Image/Adjustments/Hue Saturation (this is in Photoshop 7, it is still under the Image menu in 6, but Adjustments was named something else, which I forget now)

    Then check the colorize checkbox and slide the sliders to the color you want.

    As for your second question, yes it is possible. You can use the Lasso tool. If you have the toolbar pallette open, it is the tool right under that Rectangle Marquee tool. You can right click on the lasso tool to choose between 3 different types of lassos. The rounded one is to select an area freehand style, the jaggety one is to select an area by clicking points, and the one with the magnet allows you to better outline things.

    I hope this helps. If not, reply back:)

    PS: It is lostinbeta not lostinbest :evil: :P

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  • sixpockets
    06-14 05:41 AM
    I am also in the same boat, 140 was filed in March 07, file at TSC. The attorney never received the original LCA. Could not do premium processing for 140.

    NOW the big question is, can I apply 485 since my PD is current now?


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  • transpass
    03-29 12:36 PM

    I am an F1 visa student and am marrying my sweetheart who is an American citizen. We are planning to pick up the marriage license tomorrow, in MA. I know one of the questions is "residence". Do I put my local residence (I've been here for about 6 years) or my foreign residence? I do not want to jeopardize my status.


    Need to put your local address. I am sure you filed taxes, and used US address as the permanent address. And BTW, when I got married in CA, that's what I did...

    And congratulations...:)

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  • ohguy
    02-12 11:44 PM
    Thanks GC check!

    Yes I am using EAD and AC21 for joining new employer and job title and responsibilities are very similar.

    Can I hire a new attorney who can access that information? Or the new company attorney? I think it's going to be impossible to make my present company attorney reveal that detail to me. Since this information is public I think there should be some way to get those details. Please help.


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  • mdy_tvr
    09-26 05:05 PM
    Yes. UR Lawyer is correct. U have to just pay one single fee for 485 filing and u can file yearly extensions for EAD and AP Free till ur 485 is approved.

    Thanks.. I appreciate it

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  • vinki
    08-28 11:45 AM
    hi !
    we have recently finished our finger printing ... can anyone tell me what will be the next step ..


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  • Sooner2
    04-10 12:09 PM
    Yes, if it's the same company - I think your employer just needs to file an amendment. I would suggest you consult with your employer's lawyer to see if an amended petition is even required in your case.

    03-28 02:50 PM
    Hi all,
    I do not know the timing but you may try calling right now, an automated message asks you to choose between senators(to whom you would like to send your voice) and you are then asked to leave message to the representative stating that you "Support the CIR".

    Thanks ...

    10-03 12:46 PM
    Hello All,

    I have applied for my 485 in July 2007 and I have received receipt notice for 485 application as well. I also got the appointmnet for FP. I moved to a new location and address has chaged now. If I update my address in USCIS, What are the consequences?

    I still have access to the mail in my old address as my friend lives there.

    Please suggest.


    Changing of address seems to be a simple procedure, but it is very inconsistent and arduous.

    Please follow this thread.

    I hope this helps.

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